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Posts from August, 1996

  1. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 2: Wherein a College Student Returns Home and Captain Mselt Runs into the Green Squadron

    Mselt decides to take his prisoners directly to Planet Gloom and the Anonymous notices that Blue Squadron haven’t reported back in a while…. (1996-08-06)

  2. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 3: Wherein Blue Squadron Awakens and Lots of Plans Get Made

    Blue Squadron learns about its captors, the Aroruan rebels make preparations, and Green Squadron are sent to find their fellow pilots. (1996-08-10)

  3. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 4: Wherein Governor Jjana Kills Two Birds with One Stone and Orliss’s Vacation Starts to get Interesting

    Governor Jjana develops a unique plan to spy on the rebels. Meanwhile, Green Squadron chance upon an eager ally. (1996-08-26)