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Welcome, you who seek knowledge of the universe known as Omega. We hope the information contained herein is instructive, and helps you better understand exactly what is happening in the universe.
Omega is one of the "shared universes" on rec.arts.comics.creative. It was conceived by Matt "Badger" Rossi as a more "serious" universe than the other RACC stuff, such as the LNH. More information on how Omega began is in the FAQ, below.

Omega Reference Files

Comics of the Omega Universe

Not only are Omega stories kept very carefully in continuity, but we keep the comics of the Omega universe in careful continuity.

Various Personal Web Pages on Omega

These are pages people have put together about their Omega serieses.


While these pages are kept as up-to-date as possible, obviously we can't cover everything. If you have questions that aren't covered, it's often advisable to mail the author of the story in question for more detailed information.

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