By Matt Rossi, Marc Singer, Matt Dempster, Chad Imbrogno, Kay Green, and Craig Rettig

Greetings everyone. This here is the no-spoilers version of the Omega timeline. Everything that has happened in history that makes the OMEGA universe unique is in here, including important events in recent issues. If you're catching up with the OMEGA universe, here's your easy referance guide. Enjoy!

This timeline will be re-posted and updated twice a month, barring system crashes, personal traumas, and general armageddon.

The ancestors of the Harrakin are visited by the Wrexakt. The Wrexakt scientists set a plague loose on them and take half of the survivors. These survivors were experimented upon, initially creating the Neysar. The remaining ones were taken to a harsh desert planet and bred to be powerful slaves.


The race bred to be slaves by the Wrexakt are united under the leader Harra and overthrow the Wrexakt on their world. When the other Wrexakt return, they are destroyed and Harra's kin begin to expand and destroy more of the Wrextakt. A sect of Harrakin who wanted a free society left and eventually became the Lokar. The rest formed a militeristic society that warred with and almost completely destroyed the Wrexakt race.
After destroying the Wrexakt, the Harrakin formed a caste system and began to expand ever outward, overtaking their neighbors and building an empire.

5000 BC:

Two mysterious factions wage war on each other and sink the island later known as Atlantis.

500 BC:

The gods agree upon a treaty known as the Concordat. References of it have surfaced in ancient texts, but none know what it is.

1915 AD:

Cornelius Owen, future Defence Department powermonger, is born to a wealthy Boston family.
Harvey Hauptman is born in working-class Cleveland.


Harvey saves Jerry Siegel's life; Siegel remembers this and creates "Overman" as a tribute; this spawns the creation of lots of other costumed heroes (note that Overman replaces Superman). Harvey is touched, and he covertly does other "good deeds" over the years, but is always too embarrassed to wear a costume or go public.


Harvey registers for the army, as his patriotic duty; he tells them about his amazing powers. An "accident" occurs that makes Harvey seem uncontrollable and the army "quarentines" Harvey for the duration of the war in a Georgia prision designed solely for him. This prison, Fort Deliverance, will later become facility for incarcerating all manner of Omegas.


Someone high up decides Harvey would be more useful in the war than sitting around in Georgia. Harvey becomes a powerful force until he helps liberate Buchenwald and decides that he doesn't want to kill any more.


Harvey is sent in to capture Hitler. He is not informed that Hitler has his own Omega called Deathbringer, a psionic vampire. Harvey manages to kill Deathbringer (so he thinks) and Hitler. Having no desire to go back to Fort Deliverance, Harvey allows everyone to think he's dead. Returning to America as a German refugee, Otto Blume, he buries himself in a new identity.


Wes Hickman is born in Spokane, Washington. He is raised by two very patriotic parents.


Daniel Carter is born. He grows up on westerns, war movies, and especially comic books.


Allen Covenant is born to a Wrigly Field grounds keeper and a high school music teacher in Chicago.


Cornelius Owen, now a high ranking Defence Department official, forms SIRECOM (Special Intelligence Resources Command), a special multi-agency (CIA, NSA, DoD, etc.) group tailored to handle and employ Omegas. One president objects to proposed sphere of operations, but tragedy befalls him and a more sypathetic executive takes office.


Wes Hickman joins the army, as a member of Bravo infantry Platoon. He is sent to an unnames conflict in Southeastern Asia.
Anne Benson is Born. In one very important respect, she takes after her maternal grandfather, dear old Otto Blume...


Wes Hickman is injured by shelling. Both of his arms are badly wounded. The event triggers his Omega, which allows him to survive. He is returned to the States, and given into the care of SIRECOM. Two mechanical arms are created for him, and as he recovers, he is indoctrinated into the SIRECOM program. Plans are laid for a new team of Omegas who are to help contain and train emergant psis. The team is to be codenamed Seekers.


Dan Carter extreme violence gets him discharged from the army (he did some nasty things to his fellow troops). After some mysterious missing time, is hired by SIRECOM and becomes a useful agent.


Fresh out of College, Jarvin Tazakles and Javier Hugo form DYNAMAX, a genetic research lab that seeks to understand the nature of the Omega. The outfit seems benevolent at first...


Jarvin Tazakles meets Cornelius Owen. Recognizing a useful alliance, Tazakles begins (W/o Hugo's knowledge) to design and build devices for SIRECOM. In return, Owen provides Tazakles with 'Guinea Pig' Omegas to experiment on.


Daniel Anderson, son of Thomas and Beth Anderson, is born. He will help found a group of Omega's called the Colony.
Dan Cheng, close friend turned enemy of Allen Covenant, mysteriously disappears.


Undersecretary of Defence Cornelius Owen retires. He still takes a large hand in running SIRECOM. Dan Carter is Owen's main control over the agency.


Beth Anderson goes to work for DYNAMAX. Although she rises high in their Experimental Genetics division, she never gets in to examine Tazakles' "Black Labs."


Jarod Kincaid expresses his Omega while involved in an industrial accident, saving the lives of several men as a river of molten steel pours over him, shielding them and changing him.


The Anderson's adopt Eric, a boy who they had been fostering. 1985:
Allen Covenant gets a job as a professor of para-psychology at Antioch College. One of his students, Eldin Vincent, hypnotizes another student named Issac Warner into summoning and bonding with the Sumerian god of war, Nergal. The ritual goes awry and Issac slaughters numerous people before Allen exorcises Nergal.


Beth Anderson, a geneticist at DYNAMAX LABS, discovers just how the company is getting its knowledge of Psionic abilities and Omegas. She is killed, as is her husband, in an incident that looks like a gas explosion. The three DYNAMAX agents who came to kill them have their minds ripped out by the emergent powers of Danny Anderson, who then mind controls one of them to help himself and his brother escape. The other two are so consumed by the fire that all of the Anderson's are considered dead.


Allen Covenant takes his leave of Antioch and is hired by Dynamax Labs as a Omega specialist.


The Colony begins to take shape as Danny Anderson begins recruiting Omegas, mostly runaways or misfits, with his telepathy and telling them of a place they can retreat to. The actual bases are built underground in the outskirts of Chicago and Detroit.

1994, Summer:

Eric Anderson goes into a coma for a month: When he awakens, he's very different...
Anne Benson, out of college and trying to start a career, suddenly and unwillingly gets "triggered." Dan Carter and SIRECOM investigate the report of a new Omega in the DC area and both Anne and Harvey find themselves on the run.
Allen Covenant discovers the abuses in Dynamax and flees with his ex-students Bob Warskoviak (Threll) and Issac Warner. Head towards the Colony in Chicago.
A mysterious, fast moving Omega makes his appearance in Crystal City.
Alexander Cox discovers that he can shape telekinetic energy into physical extensions of himself and begins having fun with it.
Jarod Kincaid is killed by Deathbringer. Anne and Harvey arrive in Chicago to help Eric Anderson kill him once again. Allen Covenant arrives in Chicago at the same time.
Eldin Vincent and his wife Sarah accidentally discover and activate an ancient space ship. The systems attack them, but Eldin summons the god Shiva for aid. Shiva, circumventing the mysterious Concordat, posesses Eldin and begins to use the ship's technology for his own.

1994, Fall:

Shiva announces his plan to destory 80% of the world population. Eric battles his messenger, Kali, and accidentally teleports out of the solar system after a nuclear explosion.
SIRECOM locates the Colony and raids it on Owen's orders. SEEKERS are sent in and help the Colonists stop the raid.
The forces gathered at the Colony join together and send a team to Shiva's base in Newfoundland. They send Shiva back to where he came and stop all but one of the shuttles loaded with the virus. It lands somewhere in Siberia.
The Marn Race is murdered by the being known variously as the God Killer, The Slayer of Time, the Killer of all Things, and under hundreds of other names. Eric Anderson finds the planet Marn minutes later, and after learning of the event destabilizes the Marn central reactor in order to give them a funeral.
Two Days Later: Eric Anderson catches up to the God Killer on the planet Wolda. Along with Axxa, a Maaranth of the Wol, he battles and eventually destroys the Killer. The battle caused the Wol enclave Morr to become an orbiting, if deserted, city. Axxa died.
Fall, December Seventh: Eric Anderson crash-lands in the Atlantic Ocean, in the region known as the Bermuda Triangle.

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