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The Stuff that people should know:

  1. What is OMEGA?
  2. What makes this place different than all those OTHER universes out there?
  3. Who ARE these crazy people who make up the OMEGA writer's group?
  4. All right, maybe I'm interested...how do I get involved?
  5. What are the current series running in OMEGA?
  6. What's in store for the future?
  7. What's the backstory?


1) What is OMEGA?

Basically, Omega is a bunch of us who wanted to write comic book stories, but who didn't see anything on RACC that really fitted them. So we made something, namely the Writer's Group and Shared Universe whose FAQ you happen to be reading.

The Omega group started with a post I made to RACC saying I was interested in starting a Shared World comic book universe. Other than that, I make no claim to having started Omega...What I had in mind and what this became are totally different, and this is vastly better.

I love comics, always have, but I've got some problems with them...for instance, fifty zillion ways to get powers or the fact that they never seem to have to take a pit stop, if you know what I mean. Plus, I never understood why everybody's powers were totally different. I figured if two people had powers that did the same thing, why should the EXPLANATION be different? Also, many comics proceed around dubious motives (Fer Instance: You wake up, and suddenly you've got powers. Is the first thing that crosses your mind an impulse to wear a silly spandex outfit? I don't think so. Also, how do people around you respond? Do you start acting differently? Wouldn't people with powers look down on people who didn't have powers?) rather than reality. The other writers seemed to agree with me and so we tried to come up with a unified origin, a framework that worked, and stuff like that. Hopefully, we've done so. If not, well, we tried, anyway.

We hope you enjoy, and if reading our stories OR this FAQ helps inspire anyone to write an Omega story...that's why we do this, so get to it and enjoy.

2) What makes this place different than all those OTHER universes out there?

Well, we are a lot LOOSER, continuity wise, then some other universes as we are younger and come out of a hodge-podge of influences and styles. That's not a slam, by the way. It's just a difference. Some people, myself included on occasion, find tight continuity can be an aid. But it isn't what we do in Omega stories. We have continuity (in fact, we have quite a bit of it!), but we don't sweat it. On the other hand, someone once called us a 'Dark and Paranoiac' universe, and I've heard the word 'dystopian' bandied about. One thing we try never to be is SAFE.

We try to keep motivations for our characters within the realm of the plausible, treating them as people with foibles and faults. Covenant is acerbic, and a bit hauty, and he's a MEAN drunk. Danny Anderson is a fanatic. Anne Benson's bewildered by the changes in her life. Loner just wants to enjoy his powers. While this is a part of our stories, we realize something: THESE AREN'T REAL. NOBODY CAN FLY IN REAL LIFE. So we don't go around trying too hard to make everything just like it would be in the real world. This isn't the world outside your window. It's BETTER. That's the POINT. Heroes and myths are real in Omega.

One more thing that's different. We have a lot of unplotted time between 1950-1990 to play around in. If you are interested in writing an Omega story, there's space to spare.

3) Who ARE these crazy people who make up the OMEGA writer's group?

A talented group, if I do say so m'self. Here's everybody I know of.


Matt Dempster (v534yynn@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)
Matt is a junior electrical engineering student at The University at Buffalo. Currently he has embarked on the 8 year program of study, and hopes to graduate sometime before the advent of the twenty-first century. Otherwise, he is in reality a very nice and sweet young boy, and has absolutely no knowledge of your daughter's pregnancy. (Why, no, I don't know her! I wasn't even in town that week!)

When Kay Green isn't busy being mistaken for a woman over the Internet, he can be found grinning evilly as he plots out future issues of the Cadre. This 21 year old political science major at the University of Manitoba can, however, be distracted by one or more of the following: coffee talk, arguing Socialism vs. Capitalism, going way too fast for his health on a motorcycle, learning the intricacies of chess, discussions of Shakes- peare, Italian food, and renting Terminator 2 or The Stand.

Tick (pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu) knows absolutely nothing about the Roswell Incident. He was never affiliated with Project Blue Book, has never beaten up Travis Walton, and has never watched "The X-Files" all the way through. And he certainly doesn't have four Zeta Reticulii bodies stored in his freezer. Nosiree bob.

Marc Singer (marcs@wam.umd.edu)
The paragraph on Marc has been mysteriously deleted, his friends always grin nervously and say "Marc who?" when asked about him, Marc was photographed on the Grassy Knoll, and you never read this.

Ted Vician (tvician@garnet.msen.com) is the writer of Wildsoul and possibly another series tenatively titled MechSWAT. In real life, he's a 25 year-old mechanical engineer who works for the Army keeping the world safe for democracy. He lives in the northwestern suburbs of Detroit, MI and is originally from Chicagoland. He reads too many comic books and bad science fiction and fantasy novels, which may explain a lot if you ever meet him. He also enjoys riding motorcycles as often as possible and is an Olympic-class bar sportsman.

Poet (wep@unixoit.oit.umass.edu)
Blames his incoherent plot-lines on the fact he watched to much t.v. as a child and can not stick with one subject for. . . Spends his free-time analyzing friends, playing with computers, and creating a AD&D world for a project. On occasion he can be found at Umass basketball games doing Hoop Band stuff, or editing video tapes. He is also a chronic liar.

Jeff McCoskey (jmccoske@sedona.intel.com)
At least one of the following is true about Jeff McCoskey: He had nothing to do with the Pentium goof, he is an Army Reserve tank company commander and Desert Storm veteran, he owns an extensive collection of pulp reprints, he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast despite owning a Japanese Harley, his wife has the patience of Job, he believes community service is A GOOD THING and that dogs are in many ways superior to children.
Separating truth from lies is, as always, left as an excercise for the reader.

Jesse Taylor (taylorjb@vuse.vanderbilt.edu)
Jesse hasn't gotten around to writing a paragraph for us yet. He's the Rec.Games.Mecha Archivist, he also writes a couple of series for Superguy, a different kind of comic inspired universe, and he codes our FAQ and other documents for our Omega Homepage.

Chad Imbrogno (cimbrog@bgnet.bgsu.edu): NOTE: Any resemblance of characters from Covenant to any other persons, real or imagined, are probably intentional. Remeber, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you.

Craig Rettig (a.k.a. Thrasher, rettigch@ucunix.san.uc.EDU)
We are Omega. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. I'm currently a 4th-year junior at the University of Cincinnati studying Computer Science. Outside of comics, my interests include loud and fast music, computers, whiskey, and role-playing games. Metal concerts are always on my list of fun things to do when I have the money. I also enjoy cooking and consuming mass quantities of beer. You can get the whole shebang on me by checking out my WWW home page at http://ucunix.san.uc.edu/~rettigch/Welcome.html

Specter (gearman@viper.engr.scarolina.edu)
Specter is the third of a set of identical triplets, or so he says. No one who has seen all three together has remained sane (think attack of the Warner kids ala Anamaniacs). Specter has written a couple of titles for the LNH universe but because of lack of attention, he is trying OMEGA on for size. If no one pays attention to him there, then things get nasty.

Matthew W Rossi III (mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu) just wants you to know that his comics PULSE and TEMPEST are literally autobiographic, and when he takes control of the planet he'll be a kind and benevolent master. He's only doing it for your own good. He's obsessed with the Mike Baron comic series BADGER, and his intrests include Roman Poets (Virgil, Ovid), the writings of Boethius and The Gawain poet, and Omnipotence.

4) All right, maybe I'm interested...how do I get involved?

Getting involved is simple enough. Stage one, you should introduce youself to the group. This is usually done by emailing ME at mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu and asking to be included. I then send email out to the others, introducing you to the others.
You should probably READ THE OMEGA STORIES: This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT if you've never done this before. Once you've read a couple series either by emailing the creator, reading them on RACC as they are posted, or even by going to the Archive at eyrie.stanford.edu, (Email Eagle@eyrie.stanford.edu and ask him how.) you'll get a good feel for Omega and whether or not you want to get involved in it. This is very important, as Omega has a vibe all its own, and it isn't one that you can get just by me telling you all about it...it has to be experienced. While Omega has room for characters as diverse as Rapidfire, the Seekers, and Allen Covenant to appear, there are certain things that won't fit. If you intend on writing really overblown, Marvel-style epic stories, I'm not sure that Omega's the place for you. (Although I have been accused of writing in this vein.) Similarly, parody isn't quite fitting (We do have a sense of humor, but we try to keep it low key.) as there are plenty of other universes on RACC that handle parody very well. We tend towards a more serious slant.
Finally, you'll probably want to write something. That is, after all, what we do. If you intend to just read Omega stories, well, we'd be happy to have you do that...but you really don't need to be reading a sanctimonious FAQ for that, do ya? Just make sure that what you write fits in with the buzz of Omega, and you'll be fine.

5) What are the current series running in OMEGA?

Here, for your edification, are summaries of some of the series, written by their creative teams.

TITLE: Seekers
AUTHOR: Matt Dempster
MAIN CHARACTERS: The Seekers themselves.
Wes Hickman (Interface): Wes is a 45 year old war vet, leading the Seekers, and trying to stay ahead of the intrigue that surrounds his team.
Don Riley (Blockade): An expert in Omega biology, he is part of the government's ultimate weapon: Stormkiller.
Michelle Thomas (Armor): Her powers shield her from outside harm, but what do they do to the woman inside the shell?
Phase: Without a past to return to, he has made the Seekers his new family.
Seekers is the name of a project instituted in the early '70's by the government agency known as SIRECOM. It's charter purpose is to find, contain, and teach emergent Omegas, who might otherwise hurt themselves or the public when their powers activate. Unfortunately, Seekers is about the only team who isn't part of some immense plot to grab power for one individual.
I hope to show some of the training the Omegas in the Seekers program undergo. Also, I want to have the team grow apart from it's parent agency, as it learns that the people in power may be different, but they're singing the same song.

written by Tick
Crystal City was just an average city with an above-average crime problem...until a streak of black began cutting through the crime. Nobody knows who the man called Rapidfire is, including the readers.(And possibly the writer-Matt.)
But he _might_ be one of the following supporting characters:
Detective Stephen Altman: head of the Crystal City Drug Task Force. He doesn't like drugs or the people who use them.

Doctor Susannah Lipton: Head of the Nancy Spungen Drug Clinic. She doesn't like drugs, but she tries to help the people that use them. She and Altman have a "thing".

William Lee: The janitor at the Clinic, he's a former junkie who may be back on heroin again.

Cameron Yasbeck: A reporter with a spitcurl and glasses. THat would be a little obvious, wouldn't it?

Amy Diaz: A female reporter who works with Yasbeck. Any reports that she has her hair cut in a short bob are totally false.

Lawrence Delancey: Crystal City's new crimelord. Okay, so maybe he _isn't_ Rapidfire.

TITLE: Covenant
AUTHOR: Chad Imbrogno
Allen Covenant: Scientist/mage with a knack for getting in over his head.
Issac "Stingray" Warner: Pro wrestler who is beleagured by a war god.
Free Spirit: Ancient Amer-indian shaman who tries to guide Allen.
PREMISE: Allen Covenant is human who is always hungry for knowledge. Unfortuantely, the knowledge he seeks in tied in with the feuding factions of Omega, mages, gods, and aliens that are shaking the world at large. With reluctant help from his ex-student Issac and unwanted guidance from the ghost of dead shaman, Allen finds himself facing forces that could destory him without a thought.
FUTURE DIRECTION: There is a fine line between what is psionic magic and what is _real_ magic. And what is real magic anyways? There's an entire world of mystery to be discovered and explored.

TITLE: Loner
AUTHOR: Craig H. Rettig (tends to go by Thrasher)
Alexander "Alex" Cox (a.k.a. Loner) -- Main character in the series. Alex has the Omega ability to make physical objects out of orange-colored psionic energy.
Rachel Hollister -- Alex's current lover. Rachel's full background is as yet unrevealed, but she has several thief-like skills, including pickpocketing and lock-picking.
Mr. Dvorak -- Dvorak is a crime boss in the Cincinnati area, controlling much of the gang activities. He is also an Omega with the ability to control kinetic energy.
Charlotte Gillian -- Ruthless Stormkiller agent. Her bigotry towards Omegas is almost as unparalleled as her combat training, and her attitude is almost as brash as her Cockney accent.
When Alex discovered his Omega, he didn't want to go out and save the world. He wanted to live his life as normal,with a few extra perks. Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as he hoped, as he got caught up in several affairs that dragged him into various scenarios simply because of his power.
Alex is going to have to deal with the situations he's become involved in over the past few months. He has the urge to reckon with Dvorak after their first meeting. Also, Ms. Gillian has a few things planned for Alex, most of them involving his head on a stake. Alex also has to deal with Rachel, his lover, who may end up pulling him away from his "loner" status.
More specific information on Loner can be accessed via WWW at the URL: http://ucunix.san.uc.edu/~rettigch/Loner.html

AUTHOR: Marc Singer
Anne Benson -- powerful Omega and grand-daughter of Harvey Hauptmann
Harvey Hauptmann -- World War II Omega, inspiration for "Overman"
Richard Cage -- Anne's former (and maybe future) boyfriend
Cornelius Owen -- former spymaster and Harvey's enemy
Dan Carter -- Owen's top agent
Anne Benson has inherited a lot from her grandfather; her Omega powers, her recent months running from the law, and the impossibility of ever leading a normal life again. Although their persecution by Owen and SIRECOM has ended, they still have to adjust to a new life, and figure out how to live with and use their tremendous powers.
Because they have just won back their freedom and a semblance of the life they led before, the future is wide open for Anne and Harvey. They must decide whether to continue using their powers for "good," or whether that's even possible in today's society. But even as LEGACY moves into the future, it will continue to examine the past, looking at the lives of its main characters, as well as portraying Omegas in history. Regardless, Anne and Harvey will keep fighting the good fight... if there is such a thing.

AUTHOR: Matthew W Rossi III
Daniel Anderson -- Omega Terrorist
Mirranda Nystul Anderson -- Danny's common law wife, and a powerful Omega healer with misgivings about the life she's leading.
Warren Harmon Davis -- His family tried to kill him when they found out he was an Omega. But is life in the Colony any better?
James "Jimmy" DeLeon -- His Omega gives him the ability to invent nearly anything. His life has been a series of bounces from one thing to the other. Has he finally found a home?
Jennifer "Agony" DuFresne -- Her powers make her irresistable to others. They can also cause them tremendous pain. They cause HER tremendous pain.
Thomas-Peter "Conflagration" Mutsafa -- He can't go home, as they tend to kill Omegas in Kenya. So he's forced to live a life he never wanted.
Threll -- Once a man named Bob Warskoviac, now a metal mockery. Is he as lost to his past as he thinks?
Spurred on by the destruction of his life, Danny Anderson founded The Colony, a place where Omegas could run to. And they need to run, between the diabolical evil of Dynamax, a lab who wishes to know all the secrets of the Omega and doesn't CARE how it gets those secrets, and the public sentiment that Omegas are dangerous and untrustworthy.
As one enemy strikes, another will be gathering strength. If The Colony can survive this, can it also survive the desire of Danny Anderson to live a normal life? PULSE is about many things: Bigotry, terrorism, fear, a desire for family, but above all, it is about an uncommon response to an uncommon problem. Pulse is centered on one issue, really: How far can you go for a cause?

AUTHOR: Matthew W Rossi III
Eric "Tempest" Anderson. He's usually enough.
Born of two races, at a time when those few with powers are becoming either the new underclass or the future rulers of mankind, Eric Anderson is one of the more extreme examples of what power can be. Is he human, Harrakin, or something entirely different? And what we be the result of the forces tugging on his life?
The more power you have, the more costly your mistakes. Eric will be the target of a mysterious Multi-Governmental effort to control or destroy him, he'll explore what love means to someone who can do nearly anything, and he'll decide how much he can allow himself to affect the world. He's unsure of his past, and unaware of his future. And he's also probably both the greatest hope and the greatest threat the world has.

TITLE: Cadre
AUTHOR: Lawrence K. Green (better know to all simply as K, or "Kay")
Jean-Luc Steele (a.k.a. "J.L.") -- Leader of the Cadre.
Former Seeker trainer. Has the Omega ability of duplicating another Omega's power. Codenamed "Image".
Carrie Evridge -- Mississippian born and bred. This sexy Southern Belle can blind you as easily with her natural beauty as she can with her photokinetic "bolts". Codenamed "Vesper".
Eagle Who Flies the Highest (a.k.a. Darian) -- This Canadian Aboriginal checked out of the Seekers program with Jean-Luc Steele. His Omega ability to open "rifts" in space makes him a valuable asset in combat transport. Codenamed "Rift".
Ahmad Jamal -- A generic Syrian cybernetic killing machine sprung before his tormentors could finish fully reprogramming his personality into a cold-blooded killer. He takes his codename "Warstryke" from the name of the top-secret program that spawned him.
Anna-Marie Corvante -- This Brazilian spitfire lives to give you a bad day. Her mix of mental powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, and empathy, make her a formidable force in any situation, and she knows it. Codenamed "Rebecca".
Tommy <.....> --This 9 foot tall giant (with a capital "G") goes where he wants, does what he wants, and what he wants may surprise you! His Omega talent to absorb mass from around him means Tommy ("Tom" to his friends) can really live up to his codename of "Jove".
J. L. Steele led the hero's life: action, adventure, romance, and the respect of the American public as a defender of the greatest country on the face of the the Earth. That all came crashing to a halt the day he discovered Dynamax. That day J.L. Steele, Hero, became J.L. Steele, Terrorist. Steele has declared war on the American government in an effort to expose the SIRECOM-Dynamax link to the American public. Now he must learn the hard lessons of opposing those in positions of power...
Steele's rag-tag bunch of revolutionaries have achieved their first goal: they have come to the attention of the highest level of government power. Now they must dig in for what Steeleknows will be a long drawn-out battle to find the truth. Steele has two objectives to meet in the next few months: the first is to plan and carry out a series of terrorist campaigns against his former masters at SIRECOM and Dynamax. His second will be to form his soldiers into a disciplined fighting force by training each in the use of their power, as well as teaching them the value of team-work. But there are forces out there unknown to Steele that, even now, are moving against Steele's fragile Cadre alliance.

And now, an Epistolary Infoblock:


I'm about ready to release a series called Wildsoul. It's magically-based but set in the Omega universe. You should see a draft of the first issue by this weekend, but I'm away on business, otherwise I would have released it by now.

Ted Vician DoD #0831 SOHC/4#0008 AMA 317378 | My opinion, no one else's.

AUTHOR: Jeff McCoskey
Brian "Eye of Justice" Symsek
Sharon McNalley -- the reluctant owner of Brian's heart
Greg Austin -- Brian's historically closest friend
Dominique Haines -- Brian's Little Brother
Courtney Schoenfeld -- a co-worker that would like to become more
Roger Blalock -- County Commissioner and hidden Omega
Brian Symsek is a 'feeb' adrift in a world of Omegas. Down-sized, under-employed and over-educated Brian has a lot to prove in his species and himself. His only gifts are a clear head, a strong drive, and a good eye with a video camera. These are the inadequate tools Brian brings to bear in a private war for dignity in a world beyond his depth.
_Voyeur_ will be the tales of normal people in the world of Omega. The use of video as a weapon will be explored, as well many of the surrounding ethical and social issues of a visually stimulated society. But don't let that scare you. Ultimately it's just the story of one man's attempt to reach beyond his genetics in a time when man and Myth coexist.

TITLE: 'Mega
Todd Collins-- 'Mega.
Professor Browning--his Omega 222 Professor at Umass.
Louise--a intelligent, good looking young woman who Todd is after.
Eduardo--Todd's roomate, and fellow basketball player.
Melissa--Eduardo's sometime girlfriend, who may be a nymphomaniac.
Barry--pet hamster of Todd and Eduardo.
White Robe--every comic needs the all knowing type, he's it.
Who ever else I stick in for the issue.
Todd is your average 18 year old student who wants to have a little fun. However, he seems to have sort of demonic related Omega power, which can be a nuisance at times.
He has made the Umass basketball team as a walk-on, and we'll follow his story as he tries to cope with college, being an athelete/student, and possibly really powerful.
Is Todd and Omega or not? Is he strong enough to control his budding power? Will he get Louise? Can you believe that he's only a Freshman?
[Warning: This comic contains adult themes, sexual conutations, controversial issues, and super natural themes. If you can not take seeing a dirty word in print, or think I may be over exaggerating how people act in college, then proceed with caution.]
6) What's in store for the future?

That, in my opinion, is totally up to the writers. The best part about doing OMEGA has been the cooperation between us in deciding our universe's fate. We have no boundaries on that, no limits on each other's characters save what we agree to. If an OMEGA writer decided he wanted to take his character out, than he does. You control your book. Together, we control the universe. So far, I'd have to say it's worked remarkably well. I'd like to say that's because we're such great guys, but the truth is closer to the fact that we are still growing.
Nevertheless, the future in OMEGA is not set in stone. What will happen? WE DON'T KNOW. Isn't that great? I think so. Anyone joining up can do so without fear that there will be constraints on his or her character or plans for the future, save those that keep from impinging on the others. "The right to swing your hand ends where our noses begin."
That's our only real rule on that.?

7) What's the backstory?

As vast a tapestry as time itself. Hopefully, this FAQ will be followed by the OMEGA TIMELINE, which should go into detail.

DISCLAIMER: By the time this FAQ is posted, half of it may be out of date. This is a problem in many shared world universes, but in the fast-paced world of OMEGA, it's an especial danger. So, if that's the case, we plead that we tried our best. Coming soon: THE OMEGA GAZETTEER, detailing the people, places and things that make up the Omega universe.

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