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This document is divided into sections, each one dealing with a different anime or role-playing game (or both). You can go directly to an item by clicking on the list of stuff below, or you can simply wander through the entire form... I'm putting links to everything mecha-related that I can turn up on the net here... Also, when available, I've added short "reviews" of the page. Generally, this lists what the main features of the particular page/set of pages are, so that if you're looking for something specific it's easier to find.

What is 'Mecha'?, you may exclaim in a confused voice. A "mech" is, in essence, a Giant Humanoid Robot(tm). Characters like the Transformers would be considered "mecha", as would the Veritechs/Valkyrie fighters or the Destroids from Robotech. Powered Armor, or even the loader-suit that Ripley uses in Aliens could be classified as "mecha". Things like the AT-ST's and AT-AT's from Star Wars count, too.

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Battletech is a board/strategy/tactical/rpg/whatever game created by FASA, where you control giant, 20+ ton armored robots (or Battlemechs) as they fight each other, stomp crunchies (infantry), etc. The game has an astoundingly detailed background, as well as rules that, as anyone with half a brain can see, are utterly unrealistic. But it's still fun as heck, so I'm not complaining...

Mekton(tm) and Mekton Zeta(tm)

Mekton and Mekton Zeta are mecha combat/role-playing games by R.Talsorian Games. IMNSVHO (In My Not So Very Humble Opinion... ;), Mekton is way cool. The character generation/lifepath is quite well done (and funny in places). The mecha construction system is the most versatile I've yet run into (this is especially true in Mekton Zeta). All-in-all, IMHO Mekton is as good of an "anime style" mecha game as you're going to get.

Heavy Gear(tm)

Okay, so I don't know a whole lot about this one. Check out the Rec.Games.Mecha or Heavy Gear FAQs for more.


Robotech is the twisted child of Carl E. Macek and Harmony Gold. It consists of 1st Generation (aka Super Dimensional Fortress Macross), 2nd Generation (aka Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross), 3rd Generation (aka Genesis Climber: M.O.S.P.E.A.D.A.) and The Sentinels.
Note that the first three "Generations" actually had no continuity whatsoever until Macek got his grubby little hands on them. Despite the fact that he essentially mangled three different shows into a twisted semblance of a plotline, Robotech is generally acnowledged as having done Great Things for anime fandom in the US.
Oh, yeah, and there are mecha in it, too. In case you were wondering what it was doing on the mecha page... ^_^

Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis is set in a "dark future", where the Megacorporation Genom has taken over much of the world's industries, using their cyborg "boomers". The only ones standing in the way of the Genom Chairman's plan for world domination are the thinly-stretched ADvanced Police, and the vigilante/mercenary group called... the Knight Sabers.

EarthSiege II

EarthSiege II is a mecha shoot-'em-up game for Win95 systems.


I have managed to collect and code into HTML format several of the FAQs that have been posted to, as well as other FAQs that I've turned up.

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