From: (Marc-Alex Vezina)

Subject: Suggested headers

Date: Sat, 7 Jan 1995 20:30:20 GMT

Lines: 62

As promised, here's...


I know, headers can be such a drag sometimes. But they do help clear the wire and they do wonders when used with killfiles. Beside, if you use headers, you're a much nicer person. ^_^

The following headers are suggestions and recommendations based on conventions already in use (more or less). Note that headers can be freely combined for more precise identification of content of post.

I do not claim to be the ultimate reference -- many may disagree with my choices. Likewise, I'm merely suggesting the use of headers, not forcing them down people's throat screaming. ^_^'

Game identifiers

The following only includes games that are frequently refered to in this newsgroup. Other games' headers can be easily extrapolated (ex.: Rifts would be [RIFTS], GURPS Vehicle would be [GURPS], and so on).


This can be added to the above to bring additional precision.