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Subject: [FAQ] FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions list.
Date: 22 Sep 1995 20:50:43 GMT

This is the Frequently Asked Questions list for It appears on (surprisingly enough) every so often. is an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion of all things mecha-related.

This is the nth posting of the FAQ, so there's bound to be things that are wrnog. Please email corrections to, along with ideas, suggestions, compliments, and various and sundry etcs.

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The Contents.

  1. The newsgroup.
  2. The games
  3. The MUSE.
  4. The other stuff.
  5. The glossary (why are glossaries always at the end?).

The newsgroup.

1.1 What is a 'mecha'?

Mecha are fictional (currently) humanoid and not so humanoid war machines that appear in various fictional stories or games. Most have a human pilot, and most are quite a bit larger than man-sized.

1.2 What is a MUSE?

A MUSE is an online computer game. In this group, the MUSEs are BattleTech-oriented. If you're looking for a graphical game, this isn't it; the graphics are ASCII at the best.

1.3 What are these words in brackets?

Some posts contain a sub-subject heading to inform people which subject the post is about. Common ones are [BattleTech], [BTech], [Mekton], [Myops], [MUSE], and [VR]. See the attached glossary.

1.4 What is BattleTech, Btech, Mekton, etc.?

BattleTech is a wargame published by FASA Corporation. 'Btech' is a contraction of BattleTech. Mekton is another popular wargame, more anime based, from R. Talsorian Games. Heavy Gear and Marauder 2107 are also wargames, but relatively new. Heavy Gear is published by Dream Pod 9, while Marauder 2107 is a product of Maelstrom Hobby. VR signifies a post about Virtual Reality BattleTech, which is covered by it's own FAQ.

1.5 What's that Rec.Games.Mecha Archive thing?

The "Rec.Games.Mecha Archive" is a monthly collection of posts from (obviously) The RGMA contains all designs and "tech improvements" that were posted during the month in question, as well as whatever looked interesting when it was being put together. The sole person responsible for the RGMA is Jesse Taylor (
Past RGMAs can be accessed at in /pub/btech/r.g.mecha, or through the URL of the archives homepage (see the end of this document).

The games.

2.1 What is BattleTech?

Battletech (tm) is a game set in the 31st century where humanity has expanded to the stars and taken it's tendancy for war with it. With everything ranging from infantry, hovercraft, tanks, aerospace craft, and the giant mecha called Battlemechs, players play out the events of the Succession Wars.

2.2 What is Mekton and Mekton II?

Mekton is another game of mecha combat, only it is oriented more towards Anime-style mecha than anything else. It also has a heavier role-playing element than, say, BattleTech. One of the more interesting features of Mekton is its construction system, MTS, which is much more flexible and nonspecific than (to make the comparison again), BattleTech. It's also a tad more complex. One can, with a little effort, play any high-tech anime game with these rules.

2.3 What is Heavy Gear?

Heavy Gear is the first game based in a relatively new science fiction gaming universe of the same name. It comes from Dream Pod 9, the gaming division of Montreal-based IANUS Publications Inc.

Heavy Gear is both a tactical game *AND* a RPG with rules for roleplaying, and both tactical and strategic combat. These two sets of rules have been designed to intermesh perfectly so that values from one can be transferred directly to values in the other.

Heavy Gear can also be played as a card game and a miniature based game. For more info, email

2.5 What is Marauder 2107?

The Marauder 2107 product is one that utilizes elements from several popular anime and manga to create a game of a dark and dangerous future. Set in the backdrop of Japan, the various elements in the game aid in creating a world rich in technology yet troubled by both humans and creatures alike. It's a game which credits Appleseed, AD Police, Bubblegum Crisis and several of the darkest alien encounter/horror monsters imaginable...
For more info, email

2.6 What is Mecha!?

Mecha! is a miniatures-based mecha combat game published by a company called Seventh Street Games. It uses all those plastic anime-based mecha models as it's miniatures in a three-dimensional combat area.

2.7 Are there any other games of this sort out there?

Yes. I know even less about them, too, except Robotech, which is supported by


3.1 How can I get on this MUSE thing?

This depends. I recommend reading the FAQ which will give in-depth directions on how to log on, rules of behavior, etc. Then, connect to one of the address at the bottom of this FAQ. There is a MUSE FAQ which covers all things MUSE, which appears here.

3.2 What does MUSE stand for?

So many different things, it's not worth detailing.

The other things.

4.1 What's Myops?

Myops is a setting for the BattleTech universe, the subject of many fictional stories and not-so-fictional simulated battles. It is ruled by "The Lord of the Flies". Email for more info.

4.2 What's the KU?

KU stands for Kerensky's Union, but I forgot almost everything else about it. Anyone want to help?

4.3 What's the story with FASA and lawsuits about their 'mech designs, anyway?

According to, here's the answer:
Addressing the statement that FASA had at sometime in the past lost a lawsuit regarding mecha design, this is also not true. Back in the early days, 1984-85, before Robotech was packaged by Harmony Gold we obtained the rights to the images used in our original BattleDroids (later BattleTech) boxed game. Harmony Gold lawyers contacted us regarding our rights to those images (specifically in their case the Macross images) and we provided for them our proof of license. No lawsuit was ever filed on that matter, or any between FASA and Harmony Gold.

The glossary.

5.1 BattleTech-related Terms

ASF = Aero-Space Fighter
ATech = AeroTech
BTech = Battletech
C3 = Command, Communications, Control and an unique IS command system network
Crit = Critical Hit
CC = Capellan Confederation
DC = Draconis Combine
DFA = Death-From-Above, flying kick mecha style!
DHS = Double Heat Sinks
FASA = Freedonian Air and Space Authority
FC = Federated Commonwealth
FS = Federated Suns
FWL = Free Worlds League
HS = Single Strength Heat Sinks
IS = Inner Sphere, or Internal Structure
KH = Kell Hounds
LAM = Land-Air Mech
LC = Lyran Commonwealth
MMC = Myopsian Mecha Corps (GRIN!)
MW = Mechwarrior
TC = Taurian Concordat, or Targeting Computer
THB = BTech Tactical Handbook
TR[#] = Tech Readout [year]
TSM = Triple Strength Myomer
UA/LA = Upper Arm/Lower Arm Actuators
VTOL = Vertical Take-Off & Lift equipped vehicle (helicopter)
WD = Wolf's Dragoons
WoB = Word of Blake, aka Word of Blaine

5.2 Other Terms:

MT = Mekton
MTS = MekTon Technical Supplement
HG = Heavy Gear
HGF = Heavy Gear Fighter
MAC = RoboMACs
RTech = RoboTech
Glossary courtesy Prabal Nandy, Douglas Davey, and Michael Flynn. Anyone want to add more?

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