The Mediocre Adventures of Manman

Manman Returns

Scourge of the Dread Attorney

Author: Dirk Myers


Manman has disappeared. So have Jane Plain and Dadaman. Juan and Andy have been killed in a mysterious battle in the Andes. And Commissioner Bigshot is brewing coffee.

Thus opens Manman Returns, a series that ranges from the depths of badly-explained altiversal space to the brightly lit aisles of a popular chain of retail stores, from an abandoned warehouse in RatherLarge City to a major political convention. Along the way, much coffee is consumed, various theories of a well-lived life are espoused, and things get horribly, horribly confusing.

A companion series, Scourge of the Dread Attorney, also appears at irregular intervals.

Series Began: March, 1996

Nominated for Best Series, Best New Series, and Most Confusing Series in the 1996 Grunions

. Main Characters:

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