Current Author: Dirk Myers


Real Name: James Blaatz
Status: Active. Also dead. Also copied. Stuff like that happens.


No description of Manman has ever been recorded. It's difficult to remain aware of him long enough to describe him. Dadaman has remained undescribed for exactly the opposite reason -- it's difficult to take your eyes off of him long enough to describe him.

Manman is the Incarnation of Mediocrity in this dimension. Dadaman is his repressed interesting side, freed during the early days of Superguy when Manman took a rather unfortunate detour through La-La Land after encountering Powerful Mind-Altering Drugs(tm).

Known Powers

Manman has the powers you'd expect from the Incarnation of Mediocrity. No one is entirely sure what those powers are, only that they're... well... mediocre. Dadaman's powers are also undetermined, but seem to consist primarily of doing rather strange things, some of which turn out to be effective.

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