Created by: Randal Milholland

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Real name: Unknown

Known Aliases: Skinnybutt, Fury, Fen Pegadouyk, Little Ghost

Status: Dead, but disturbingly active

First Superguy Appearance: Mr. Morbid's Thanksgiving Blow-Out

Notes: Long ago, when the world was young and the Chinese gods often played with the fates of man, an orphan girl made a trade: she gave her songbird for a trapped ghost. From that day forth, a tradition began in her family's house that certain young women would be predestined to inherit the ghost who would teach them and protect them until they felt it was time to dismiss his services.

And time went on.

The little ghost eventually had enough names to fill several books, and enough adventures to fill libraries. Cursed by the Chinese gods, he was not affected by the limitations of normal ghosts. He had genie-like unlimited magic which he could use to alter or create whatever he wished. There was one small problem: it was boring.

He didn't want to use his magic, except for the young girls he protected. But, occasionally, the time between girls was great, and he spent it wandering the world and the Netherworld. At one point, he spent two hundred years with a Siamese witch named Manivanh as her lover, but the two parted on poor terms.

Finally, in 1974, Betty Yeh was born. She easily became his favorite ward, and when she was old enough, he convinced her to move to Plight Heights for college. There, he took a job he once held as a sidekick for the Heroes Guild, and settled into a comfortable lifestyle with the people he cared most about.

Known Powers: It would be impossible to list all his powers. Essentially, because of his curse, Skinnybutt can do practically anything he needs to protect the life of his ward or fulfill her wishes. The key word is practically. Another problem is he often doesn't want to use his magic, and when he does, it's to fulfill his own twisted sense of humor. He spends the greater part of his days being chided by Betty for not controlling himself. In general, because of his age of nearly 2,000 years, Skinnybutt lapses between states of childlike violent demeanors and parental logic.

One other interesting note: Skinnybutt's rib cage contains what might be a dimension of his own. Countless creatures have been known to pop out and aid him when he's needed, and a few people have been pulled in and either never returned, or were mentally unable to talk about the tale.

Description: 6'1", 26 lbs, 4 oz. Skinnybutt wears glasses to give the appearance of eyes, since empty sockets tend to make people feel ill. Most of his ethnically distinguishing figures have long since rotted or re-shaped, so it is unknown was race he really is. He usually wears a denim jacket and pants and a baby-blanket for a superhero cape. He never wears shirts since they get in the way of his rib cage opening and closing.

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