Betty Yeh

Created by: Randal Milholland

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Real name: Betty Yeh

Known Aliases: Iris Quan

Status: Active; currently running the Betty Yeh Private/Paranormal Investigation Agency

First Superguy Appearance: Mr. Morbid's Thanksgiving Blow-Out

Notes: Betty Yeh great up knowing she was very special. After all, not everyone commands a 2,000 year old ghost. Her pet spirit, Skinnybutt, served as more than a babysitter in those early years - he was a friend, a playmate, and a source of adventure. Until a mishap at a junior high homecoming dance, though, she and her entire family kept the ghost a secret.

When Betty graduated, she moved from her hometown of Sugarton, Texas, to Plight Heights, North Carolina (where, thanks to the the Heroes Guild, she learned a deep hate for Superguys) where she attended Plight Heights University and graduated with a degree in International Business Economics. Unfortunately, the job market wasn't as open as she'd have hoped, and she found herself in a library job. Her old want for adventure was soon reborn, and Betty studied to get an investigator's licence.

Her first case was for the shock-jock Two-Way Tina, looking for her long lost daughter, Mary Jackson, in the Autumn of 1995. After that case, and a Thanksgiving adventure with the town's radio personality Mr. Morbid, Betty knew her fate lay in detective work.

Known Powers: Betty has no superpowers. Betty's not even a Superguy. She's an average person, who just happens to control a ghost. However, her bond with Skinnybutt has become great enough in the past few years she can now control his magic and spirit and channel it through her own. But the power is, in the end, Skinnybutt's, and if he wanted, he could block it from her, and when he leaves, Betty will no longer have acces to it.

Aside from that, Betty owns something known as Hammer of the Phoenix, a Chinese relic she is also bound to. She doesn't know the statistics on it, but she knows it hits hard enough to shatter the human skeletal system.

Description: 5'1", 94 lbs. Betty was born in September of 1974. Betty has shoulder length black hair and hazel eyes. Betty is American-Born Chinese. She is usually seen in a business suit.

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