Created by: Ben Brown

Current author: Ben Brown and Rob Furr

Email: benbrown@primenet.com

Real name: Wilton "Pinky" Smith

Series: DEATH KNIGHT 3000 first appeared in a one-shot special, after which he starred in the Battle for Manchu Towers. He was a founding member of the Extreme Team, and has appeared in all subsequent Extreme Team adventures.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: Pinky was a mild-mannered florist's assistant until the day he was struck in the face by a bunch of roses that had soaked in radioactive water. Ever afterward, he had the amazing power to summon whatever manner of flower he desired from thin air. A quick conflict with a allergy-laden mugger convinced Pinky that his destiny was as a superhero. Amazingly enough, despite a relatively weak power, Pinky has made something of a name for himself as a superhero, primarily by keeping the rest of the Extreme Team in line.

Description: Pinky is a normal enough-looking human. He is of average height and build, with an engaging smile and a pleasant personality. He traditionally wears a white jumpsuit with a happy-face on it into battle, in the hopes that this will cause whoever he faces to mellow out. Whether or not this actually works is unknown.

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