NAME: Doctor Stomper

ALTER EGO: Vincent Stomper

ALIASES: Professor Stomper (future version)



POWERS: Able to come up with an entertaining explanation for the stupid [absurd?] plotlines and plot devices. (Note: this is open to interpretation as to whether the explanations themselves are absurd or if they actually seem to cast light on what was originally seen as absurd.) This has resulted in a number of interesting occurences, such as when he explained a divergent Ellipses King out of existence.

PERSONALITY: Thoughtful. Usually somewhat "out in space," contemplating thorny problems.

HISTORY: Doctor Stomper was a member of the LNH back during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper and apparently had already made friends with various legionaires including Bad-Timing Boy, Super Apathy Lad, Organic Lass and Procrastination Boy. More recently, he's made friends with Irony Man, Browsing Boy, and Linguist Lass. Sensing the friendship between Doctor Stomper and Linguist Lass, Romantic Innuendo tried to pair them off. In the long run, however, the relationship was doomed to failure and Doctor Stomper has, once again, devoted himself to scientific research.

APPEARANCE: Like your typical nuclear physicist [in other words, remarkably handsome, right? =)]

STATUS: Member of the LNH