NAME: Bad-Timing Boy

ALTER EGO: Brad Thomas Boyd

ALIASES: Unlucky Lad


PRIMARY WRITERS: Jaelle, Martin Phipps, Tom Russell

POWERS: The ability to say the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. Bad-Timing Boy has also exibited probability altering abilities which result in whatever he leasts wants to happen happening.

PERSONALITY: Bad-Timing Boy was apparently the youngest member of the LNH immediately following the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, so he tends to look up to the older members of the LNH. At the same time, he tends to look down on some of the newer, younger members of the LNH, even as they look to him for inspiration (yes, there's a lot of looking going on while he's around). He is very confident in himself, despite his tendency for making mistakes.

HISTORY: Late for school, Brad Thomas Boyle cut through a dark alley one fateful day and witnessed Lurking Girl apprehending the Man With the Black Hat. By helping the early LNHers, he was made an honorary member of the team. It wasn't until several years later, though, that he became a true member of the team; when Marvel Zombie Lad put out the call to battle Dr. Killfile, Brad responded -- but arrived too late, after everything had already taken place. Nevertheless, Lurking Girl and the others offered him membership in the LNH, an offer which he accepted, taking the name of Bad Timing Boy.

APPEARANCE: Black hair, green eyes, green costume.

STATUS: Member of LNH, member of Generation Y, member of Teenfactor



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