NAME: Irony Man

ALTER EGO: Carthoony Stork




POWERS: Ability to emit and detect emissions of irony. Has superstrength, flight, and other powers when wearing his hardsuit.

PERSONALITY: Thoughtful, with definite leadership potential. In his alter ego of billionaire Toony Stork, he presents the carefree attitude of a jet-setting playboy; however, when he dons the armor of Irony Man, he becomes more intense and serious.

HISTORY: Toony Stork was a publisher who often worked in conjunction with the US government; while conducting a personal evaluation of the use of his printing plant, he was nearly killed by a falling copy of War And Peace. A sentence fragment damaged his heart, and only his quick thinking and the creation of his hardsuit saved his life. Donning the life-saving armor, he became known as Irony Man and soon after joined the LNH. He has been a member of the LNH since back before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. Rumors say that Irony Man is being looked on as a possible future leader of the LNH.

APPEARANCE: Wears red and gold suit of armor. Faceplate has eye and mouth slits. Configuration changes depending on who draws him.

STATUS: Member of the LNH



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