NAME: Linguist Lass

ALTER EGO: Anne Corbel


CREATED BY: Martin Phipps


POWERS: Linguist Lass has the ability to absorb and learn various languages with ease. She has cultivated this ability, and has even learned some computer BASIC and binary language, so can program to a certain extent.

PERSONALITY: LL is more or less a cheery person, though sometimes prone to melancholy, mainly when dealing with weakened use.

HISTORY: Well, when she was a little girl, LL was often taken to various countries, which made her abilities apparent. Later, she came to join the LNH, where she helped foil a brain washing attempt. She fell in love with Browsing Boy, who has remained her amour. Linguist Lass was at the inception of the Net.Titans, an LNH subgroup, and has remained a member to this day.

APPEARANCE: Linguist Lass has a standard rusty-red spandex costume, complete with belt.thingee and an ancient hieroglyph on her torso.

STATUS: Member of the LNH, member of the Net.Titans subgroup



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