Lurker Lad

The story of a lad named Lurker Lad! Written by Ben Rawluk
Lurker Lad #1
A shape-shifter has infiltrated the LNH!! Will Lurker Lad be able to stop him in time!?
Lurker Lad #2
While Lurker Lad stops the shape-shifter, Coredump prepares to unleash his hideous plan 'B'!
Lurker Lad #3
The closest thing to a Halloween episode your likely to see from Rawluk. Lurker Lad is briefly "partially possessed" by DeadHeadMan, a ghost trapped between Life and Death. Occultism Kid tries to help, but the bumpy.
Lurker Lad #4
Prelude to Crisis on Looniearth-B! A Foodfight, and a Phantom, as danglers start to dangle! The three prophets contact Doc Stomper, Johnny Stomper gets a new costume, and Lurker Lad is in for trouble, with Captain Coredump's latest plot, involving the OmniDimensional Green Author Guy(tm)!
Lurker Lad #5
Crisis on Looniearth-B Part 1! As Lurker Lad, Limp-Asparagus Lad, Fourth Wall Lass, Retcon Lad, and the prophets, not to mention several other LNHers, prepare for their trip to Looniearth-B, they encounter Ultra...Lurker Lad's cousin?! And then, they head off into the great beyond...will they stop the Expontial Man!?
Limp-Asparagus Lad #34
Part 2 (of 3) of the Crisis on Looniearth-B. After being warned of a threat to the other-dimensional Looniearth-B, the task force sent by the Legion of Net.Heroes has arrived on that world and is told exactly the nature of the doom that awaits them all.
Lurker Lad #6
Crisis on Looniearth-B! Part 3! In this fantastic Finale, The LNHers and League of Heroes travel into space to fight the Exponetial Man as he threatens all of Looniverse-B! Plus, an "old" friend arrives, ready to help!
Lurker Lad #7
Part 1 of the Daycare Agenda! Lurker Lad, Johnny Stomper, as well as Gueststars Captain Napalm and Nomex Man are all reverted into toddlers by the evil Prof. E.Vil!
Lurker Lad #8
While E.Vil gets his just desserts, the four LNH-toddlers are returned to normal and the crimson trenchcoat mysteriously returns. Plus -- who are the four men in the darkened room?!
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