Retcon Midnight: Introduction

Or, Hey, what did HE have to do with any of this?

by Matthew "Badger" Rossi
© 1994

Absolutely nothing.

I had NOTHING to do with Retcon Midnight, or World without a Pliable Lad, one of the better things to happen last year on RACC and ACLNH. Well, almost nothing. Y'see, just before this story happened, I got the looney idea to do a MASSIVE, BACKBREAKING crossover with the other mani—-er, I mean, creative types on ACLNH. It was called RETCON HOUR. It was FREAKING HUGE. BIG. REALLY ^&*^*&0- BIG. TOO DAMN BIG. Mike was one of the poor bast... er, I mean helpful writers who I shanghaied along on my combination of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and The Long March. Finally, we slogged through. Apparently, that experience wasn't enough for Mike, though. He still had a story he wanted to tell. And so, having learned from his experience, he promptly DIDN'T ask me for help, instead enlisting Russ and Drizzt in his aims.

Smart boy, that Escutia. Learns from his mistakes. And so, Retcon Midnight was born. What's it about? I could make some kind of joke here, but I'm bitter, so I'll just say that it seems to be about the difference one can make. Sorta like IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE if Jimmy Stewart was much more flexible. It's a great read. So why are you still reading this? READ IT.

Oh, and Mike? If you ever write another crossover without asking me...I'll break your knees.

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