World Without a Pliable Lad:
The Retcon Midnight Collection

"The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!"

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Scene V, line 189


Pliable Lad, having been secretly replaced and impersonated by the Master of the Net, returned to help the LNH defeat the villain, who turned out to be the long-time LNH member Amorphous Lad, mind-controlled by the Master of the Net. But around this battle Retcon Hour rages, and it is about to touch the life of Pliable Lad....

Authors' note: In this story we refer to several events from earlier LNH stories. For the complete references, see the sourcebook.

by Matt Rossi

Prologue: The End
by Mike Escutia

Part 1: Suddenly Unfamiliar
by Mike Escutia

Part 2: The Trouble with Time
by Russ Allbery and David Anastasion

Part 3: The Calm Before the Storm
by Drizzt

Part 4: Continuity Unleashed
by Drizzt

Part 5: A Single Ray in Time
by Mike Escutia, Russ Allbery, and David Anastasion

Retcon Midnight Sourcebook
compiled by Russ Allbery and Mike Escutia

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