Retcon Midnight Prologue
"The End"

by Mike Escutia
© 1994

The group of LNHers walked as fast as they could back to LNHQ, Pliable Lad and Kid Chivalry leading. Multi-Tasking Man had informed them that transmatting was too dangerous due to the retcon waves. Rescue Lad and Cannon Fodder carried the unconscious form of Amorphous Lad.

Suddenly, a man stepped from around a corner and blocked their path. The newer members of the group didn't recognize him, but the others did.

"wReamicus Maximus!" Cannon Fodder spat.

"That's right! But my business is not with you, but rather with Flexible Guy!" wRM said, pointing at Pli.

"That's Pliable Lad," Pli said. "What are you doing here?"

"You're the one who ran into me earlier!" the villain said. "Now I shall have my revenge!" He raised his hand.

His ringed hand.

"Hey, is that the Ring of..." Pli began. "Uh-oh, it is...Hey! Don't-"

There was a flash of green light...

...and then Pli was never there.

And reality...



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