User-Visible kftgt Changes

kftgt 1.14 (2007-06-06)

Ignore kftgt errors due to the remote host not running kftgtd in the klogin and krsh wrappers.

kftgt 1.13 (2007-03-06)

If kftgt fails with an exit status indicating no Kerberos v4 ticket cache or a Kerberos v4 authentication failure on the remote system, klogin and krsh should continue with rlogin and rsh anyway. Now that we're transitioning to a pure Kerberos v5 environment, not everyone has Kerberos v4 tickets or .klogin files.

Fix the display of exit status in the kftgt man page with current versions of pod2man.

kftgt 1.12 (2006-02-08)

Significantly improved Kerberos library probes. Use krb5-config where available to get Kerberos libraries and compiler flags unless --enable-reduced-depends or --enable-static are used.

Fix installation of klogin and krsh when building outside the source directory.

kftgt 1.11 (2005-12-21)

Disable IP address checking in the Kerberos v4 library when building with MIT Kerberos to allow ticket forwarding through NAT.

Fix error reporting in kftgt when the server closes the connection without sending back an error message.

Fix builds outside of the source directory.

Fix static compilation against MIT Kerberos 1.4.

Fix configure breakage when detecting the Kerberos v4 libraries when --enable-reduced-depends is not used.

kftgt 1.10 (2005-12-03)

Add the --enable-reduced-depends configure option to try to minimize the shared library dependencies of the resulting binaries on platforms with proper shared library dependencies. This is of interest primarily to people building packages for distributions.

Fix compiler warnings.

kftgt 1.9 (2005-08-23)

This is a maintenance release with no user-visible changes. There are only minor documentation corrections and fixes for klogin and krsh version handling, which would have otherwise broken when the source was moved into Subversion.

kftgt 1.8 (2005-05-19)

Honor --with-kerberos correctly for setting the library search path. Stop looking for include files in the installation path; that may do exactly the wrong thing.

kftgt 1.7 (2005-05-17)

Help configure find res_search in libresolv on systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 on x86_64.

krsh now forwards K5 tickets as well as K4 tickets.

Add support for DESTDIR in make install.

kftgt 1.6 (2003-07-02)

Completely rewrite krsh to make it more like klogin, improving option handling and program flexibility in the process.

Lots of improvements to the README file.

kftgt 1.5 (2003-03-03)

kftgt now returns specific error codes depending on the exact reason for failure. (The original motivation, oddly enough, was that we were using kftgt to do remote system monitoring for a while for lack of a better program.)

kftgt 1.4 (2002-05-11)

Search in multiple directories for the programs klogin wants to run instead of hard-coding Stanford paths, to better support Kerberos kits.

krsh now uses normal command-line option order.

Add support for platforms where linking with libcrypt is required.

kftgt 1.3 (2002-01-03)

Add klogin and krsh to the package.

Significant packaging and documentation improvements. Rewrite the manual pages in POD and support srcdir != builddir builds.

kftgt 1.2 (2001-03-22)

Support either MIT Kerberos with Kerberos v4 compatibility or traditional Kerberos v4. Modernize configure a little.

Install kftgtd in /usr/local/sbin rather than /usr/local/etc by default. (Welcome to the modern world!)

Ported to Solaris 7.

kftgt 1.1 (1997-11-24)

Support forwarding to multiple hosts and usernames with one invocation of kftgt.

Code cleanup and improvements to the configure probes for network libraries.

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