Reviews of British Fantasy Award Winners

This is a list of British Fantasy Award winners for best novel, including ratings for those books that I've read and links to reviews where I've written one. This award is voted on by the members of the British Fantasy Society.

In 2011 and prior, this was the August Derleth award, which was awarded to the best book in either fantasy or horror. As of 2012, the award was split into the August Derleth award for best horror novel and the Robert Holdstock award for the best fantasy novel. Following my conventions for the rest of my award listings (and my lack of interest in horror), I am tracking only the Robert Holdstock award winners for 2012 and beyond.

2023 Simon Jimenez The Spear Cuts Through Water
2022 Shelley Parker-Chan She Who Became the Sun 7 out of 10
2021 Alix E. Harrow The Once and Future Witches 8 out of 10
2020 RJ Barker The Bone Ships
2019 Jen Williams The Bitter Twins
2018 Jen Williams The Ninth Rain
2017 Adrian Tchaikovsky The Tiger and the Wolf
2016 Naomi Novik Uprooted 8 out of 10
2015 Frances Hardinge Cuckoo Song
2014 Sofia Samatar A Stranger in Olondria
2013 Graham Joyce Some Kind of Fairy Tale
2012 Jo Walton Among Others 10 out of 10
2011 Sam Stone Demon Dance
2010 Conrad Williams One
2009 William Heaney Memoirs of a Master Forger
2008 Ramsey Campbell The Grin of the Dark
2007 Tim Lebbon Dusk
2006 Neil Gaiman Anansi Boys 9 out of 10
2005 Stephen King The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
2004 Christopher Fowler Full Dark House
2003 China MiƩville The Scar 9 out of 10
2002 Simon Clark The Night of the Triffids
2001 China MiƩville Perdido Street Station 9 out of 10
2000 Graham Joyce Indigo
1999 Stephen King Bag of Bones
1998 Chaz Brenchley Light Errant
1997 Graham Joyce The Tooth Fairy
1996 Graham Joyce Requiem
1995 Michael Marshall Smith Only Forward 9 out of 10
1994 Ramsey Campbell The Long Lost
1993 Graham Joyce Dark Sister
1992 Jonathan Carroll Outside the Dog Museum
1991 Ramsey Campbell Midnight Sun
1990 Dan Simmons Carrion Comfort
1989 Ramsey Campbell The Influence
1988 Ramsey Campbell The Hungry Moon
1987 Stephen King It
1986 T.E.D. Klein The Ceremonies
1985 Ramsey Campbell Incarnate
1984 Peter Straub Floating Dragon
1983 Gene Wolfe The Sword of the Lictor 7 out of 10
1982 Stephen King Cujo
1981 Ramsey Campbell To Wake the Dead
1980 Tanith Lee Death's Master
1979 Stephen R. Donaldson Lord Foul's Bane 5 out of 10
1979 Stephen R. Donaldson The Illearth War 5 out of 10
1979 Stephen R. Donaldson The Power That Preserves 5 out of 10
1978 Piers Anthony A Spell for Chameleon
1977 Gordon R. Dickson The Dragon and the George
1976 Michael Moorcock The Hollow Lands
1975 Michael Moorcock The Sword and the Stallion
1974 Poul Anderson Hrolf Kraki's Saga
1973 Michael Moorcock The King of the Swords
1972 Michael Moorcock The Knight of the Swords

Ratings for books that don't have a review are based on my memory of the book. The rating may well change if I get a chance to read the book again.

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