I've been keeping track of the books that win SF awards for a while, along with my ratings and including the books that won multiple awards. But I've not yet had the patience to include all of the short list, even though it often includes books as good or better than the winners. There are a few other sites, notably Locus's Index to Science Fiction Awards, that try to be more comprehensive, but usually they don't present the results in the most obvious format.

Enter BestSFBooks. The author sent me a note about it in e-mail, which I appreciate since it's pretty cool. It's the same basic idea as my pages (and somewhat like the more comprehensive indices, although only tackles novels and some related books and not the giant mass of short fiction), but it's more comprehensive and quite a bit prettier. The basic idea is a list of books across various time intervals ranked by how many awards they've received, including nominations as well as wins (which is a good decision).

Best SF books is a bit lofty of a claim, since the award consensus misses a lot of great stuff (and rewards some questionable books). But it is, at least, a snapshot of the books that show up in the current zeitgeist and are getting the most press and discussion, and that alone is an interesting picture.

Anyway, take a look, and hopefully it will continue to grow and develop.

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