Break at sunset

Taken two nights ago by simply walking outside from the restaurant where we were eating dinner and across a bit of grass and then pointing my camera at the scene. I admit I got a bit lucky on catching the wave just right. (The sunset got even more spectacular than this later.)

I've been on a much-needed vacation for the past couple of weeks, and am now getting into the part of the vacation where I try to figure out how to restructure things when I get back so that I'm not under as much stress as I was before I left. That seems particularly critical this year; I think it's been close to my worst working year for stress, and that needs to stop. I now have a list of things I want to tackle first off when I get back and have started sorting them into a prioritized list, and I've started pondering time allocations to try to keep from getting overwhelmed. We'll see how it goes; the vacation should at least keep me going until Christmas.

One truly excellent thing about this vacation is that I've managed to settle in, relax, and get lost in books. I've finished 10 so far, and will probably be around 13 or 14 for the whole vacation, which has recharged my imagination and helped greatly with relaxation. I've posted a few reviews here and there over the past couple of weeks, but there will be a flood of them coming once I get back.

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