Vacation haul

I really should have bought fewer books, particularly with shipping to get them all back home, but there are such wonderful book stores here. So I can't ever refrain. Even though this is almost enough reading for a full year.

Brian W. Aldiss — Harm (sff)
Brian W. Aldiss — Helliconia Summer (sff)
Jon Armstrong — Grey (sff)
Kage Baker — Gods and Pawns (sff)
John Barnes — Mother of Storms (sff)
Trudi Canavan — The Magicians' Guild (sff)
Michael Chabon — Gentlemen of the Road (mainstream)
C.J. Cherryh — Finity's End (sff)
C.J. Cherryh — Heavy Time (sff)
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald — The Price of the Stars (sff)
Doris Egan — Guilt-Edged Ivory (sff)
Doris Egan — Two-Bit Heroes (sff)
Kate Elliot — Jaran (sff)
Raymond E. Fiest — Magician: Master (sff)
Raymond E. Fiest — Silverthorn (sff)
Barbara Hambly — The Rainbow Abyss (sff)
Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory — The Outstretched Shadow (sff)
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller — Conflict of Honors (sff)
Ursula K. Le Guin — The Birthday of the World (sff)
Megan Lindholm — Alien Earth (sff)
Holly Lisle — Memory of Fire (sff)
Karin Lowachee — Burndive (sff)
Karin Lowachee — Cagebird (sff)
Elizabeth A. Lynn — A Different Light (sff)
Jack McDevitt — Cauldron (sff)
Michael Moorcock — Gloriana (sff)
Linda Nagata — Deception Well (sff)
Edward Pangborn — A Mirror for Observers (sff)
Robert V.S. Redick — The Red Wolf Conspiracy (sff)
Alastair Reynolds — Absolution Gap (sff)
Alastair Reynolds — Redemption Ark (sff)
Mary Rosenblum — Horizons (sff)
Brandon Sanderson — Mistborn (sff)
Robert Sawyer — Mindscan (sff)
John Scalzi — Agent to the Stars (sff)
Ken Scholes — Canticle (sff)
Ken Scholes — Lamentation (sff)
Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett — Point of Hopes (sff)
Mike Shepherd — Mutineer (sff)
Midori Snyder — The Innamorati (sff)
Bruce Sterling — Distraction (sff)
Caroline Stevermer — When the King Comes Home (sff)
Charlie Stross — The Fuller Memorandum (sff)
Greg van Eekhout — Norse Code (sff)
John Varley — Millennium (sff)
Liz Williams — Snake Agent (sff)
Walter Jon Williams — Implied Spaces (sff)
Robert Charles Wilson — Axis (sff)

Pretty much all over the map, that. But the real finds of yesterday were lots of books for my mother. (This would all be much more efficient if we all lived together and just traded books back and forth, but it's nice to support bookstores and authors.)

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