Plan B

Backhoe tracks

Well, today didn't go according to plan at all. I was going to take the afternoon off and totally didn't. This was for moderately good reasons (it was raining, I got a ride to play card games this evening, and I got some other on-line non-work stuff done), but I'm still mildly annoyed that I haven't figured out how to handle this work/life balance thing.

But I have now fixed the GNU Backgammon builds for Debian, hopefully, and I caught up on some long Usenet messages I wanted to reply to and fixed kstart packages. And I played cards tonight, so it's all good. I need to go exercise before sleep, and I'm running a late schedule again, both of which are kind of annoying, but hopefully I can make up for that somewhat tomorrow and then over the weekend.

The good side is that this week has been intensely productive and I'm much more caught up on lots of things that had been bugging me.

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