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This has been a good week. It's been a somewhat tiring week, and I ran myself into some internal pressure because I chose to work on kstart at the start of the week and then on AFS packaging, neither of which are current top priorities, but I made up for it today by getting all of the other things that I had to get done this week done except for one.

Pressure is going to be high for KDC work for the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure that everything is going to get done before I go on partial vacation, and my current target timeline is very aggressive. But I'm making good progress. The next big hurdle is doing comprehensive testing and some local packaging, and then testing replication. Once that's in place, everything else should settle down.

New releases of wallet and kadmin-remctl should be coming before too much longer.

Yesterday was the first day this year during which I didn't post a picture. I could have pushed through that evening and done so, and I made a conscious decision not to. I get too hung up on every single day patterns, particularly when they're unbroken, and breaking them from time to time helps me get over that. I'm doing fairly well right now at not pressuring myself. There are only two things that I'm going to push a bit on: structuring my evenings better, and catching up on book reviews.

Two things I've been enjoying recently and highly recommend:

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