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Hanging on

For a short week, it's felt like a very long one. I worked forty hours on top of the holiday, so 48 hours for the week, which is a lot. That also involved going into work on Wednesday instead of working from home, failing to go home early both Thursday and Friday, and pushing myself through several things I didn't want to do. But I thnk it paid off; I got a lot done, and I have now cleared the way for several rather fun things to work on for next week amidst somewhat annoying testing setup.

Tonight, I hit one of those overwhelmed but feeling like I need to keep doing things moods, particularly since I still haven't written another book review and it's getting to me. But I'm taking that as not a sign to push through and do more, given the past week, but to just step away and relax. The world isn't going to end if book reviews are slow in coming. Tomorrow is going to be devoted to playing video games unless I wake up wanting very strongly to do something else entirely, since I need the unwinding time. Then, if I choose, I can decide to be productive during the games on Sunday.

And tonight, I read until I fall asleep and then sleep for as long as I want. I'm rather torn about what to read, since reading more about programming may not fit my mood, but I'm not sure I have fiction around that quite fits my mood either. Still pondering.

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