podlators 2.3.0

This release is rather overdue. The last release was in January of last year, and the first changes that went into it were made in February.

As of this release, anchor text in L<> tags with URLs is now supported and displayed as "text <URL>". This preserves the anchor text so that people can use anchors for nicer output from POD HTML modules.

Thanks to David Hull, the Pod::Text subclasses now correctly format short item tags that have embedded hidden formatting. Previously, the length of the tag, used to determine whether it would fit in the margin of the paragraph, mistakenly included the invisible formatting codes.

Pod::Man has multiple, varied fixes in this release. Expansion of all formatting codes in the NAME section is now suppressed, keeping the NAME section clean for tools like lexgrog. The only markup used is regular double-quotes around C<> text. Handling of backslashes in X<> formatting codes is fixed. Pod::Man also no longer uses POSIX to make it easier to use as part of bootstrapping processes.

The Pod::ParseLink module now also handles anchor text for URLs and anchor text of "0", which previously was treated the same as missing anchor text.

Because of the changes around use of anchor text in L<> formatting codes, podlators now requires Pod::Simple 3.06 or later.

You can get the latest release from the podlators distribution page.

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