Staying caught up

804 trail

Near the southern end of the 804 trail. We're generally in Yachats around Halloween, and the local community apparently does something or other. This year, they were marking trails with streamers, and you can see one in the middle of this picture.

So far, so good on my daily goals. I spent some time reading, wrote another book review, and crossed two things off my list (actually, more like four). Productivity today was working on podlators and finally getting another release out, which took care of two active goals and a couple of other future work goals.

I'm feeling much more on top of things. Catching up on Lintian helps a lot. I will also need to catch up on Debian Policy work to feel entirely on top of things, and that's more challenging, but I can feel the difference since the start of vacation. The hard part is sustaining this, or at least not falling so far behind that I put things on my to-do list to work on and then don't touch them for nine months. As with reviews, a lot of things seem to get harder to do if I let them sit for too long. I suspect that if I can get better at identifying which things are like that, distinguish them from things that don't get harder if they sit, and then prioritize accordingly, I'll feel positive more frequently.

There's just no substitute for a good vacation to clear the decks, though.

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