AFS SRV record draft

As part of my work on OpenAFS, I wrote an IETF Internet-Draft specifying how to use DNS SRV records for service location with AFS. This is intended to replace the experimental AFSDB DNS RR that was specified in RFC 1183. I've now put the draft up on my AFS notes page, and of course you can get it via the IETF I-D tools pages.

Current status: I have approached the application area directors to ask the correct path forward for this document, and one of the ADs is currently reviewing it to see if he wants to sponsor it as a standards-track document. It's already been reviewed by the AFS community and the text should be reasonably close to final, although there are some typos and grammatical errors that are fixed in my copy but not in the latest published draft. (Thanks to Julien √ČLIE for the proofreading!)

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