Last vacation weekend

Alder knot

Well, I could use another week of vacation, but I seem to be gathering more momentum and finding it easier to do accomplishment-like stuff instead of relaxing-like stuff. Hopefully that means I have enough vacation to feel refreshed and able to dive back into work. I didn't do quite as much reading as I wanted, but now the US Open is on and I'm enjoying watching that more than reading at the moment.

Yesterday, I uploaded new OpenAFS 1.4.11pre1 packages for Debian, which include the new documentation built from editable source. I still need to update some of the supporting Debian documentation a bit and we should yank the old documents from the OpenAFS CVS repository so that I can remove the disclaimer in debian/copyright. But I should be in fairly good shape for the 1.4.11 release.

I also did some work on Debian Policy last night and this morning, committing five bug fixes and proposing wording that's now awaiting seconds for several more. I sent out a heads-up about eliminating the provision for packages to modify and so far haven't gotten any feedback; hopefully we can get that into the next Policy release.

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