Morning glory

I'm in an uninspired mood this evening for picture selection, so have a picture of morning glory from last year. Flower pictures are always pretty. [ETA: Apparently this is actually calibrachoa or trailing petunia, not morning glory.]

Today was a rather meandering day, in which I had little focus for anything in particular and just did a bit of this and a bit of that. I suspect this is largely because I had the US Open on TV most of the day, and while it doesn't feel that way at the time, having anything on TV takes a lot of focus away.

Nothing wrong with meandering for a vacation Sunday, of course. I do wish I were feeling more of an energy bounce coming into the last days of vacation, though. I'm mostly feeling it slip away faster than I want and dwelling a bit too much on the things I'd wanted to do and haven't done. This is making me irritable and unnecessarily negative. Tomorrow, I'll work on snapping myself out of it, and probably take some time away from both the TV and the computer after the US Open concludes.

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