Vacation Friday

Rocks on wood

The arrangement of rocks on wood had a zen-like calm feeling for me and an interesting subtle pattern. I love noticing prosaic things like this randomly when I'm out walking with a camera.

Vacation is concluding quickly, unfortunately, but it's been a nice vacation. A bit packed with things I wanted to do and look at, but I've also finished a couple of books, played some video games, and poked at some Debian work when I've felt like it. And I still have a long weekend left.

The archive-wide Lintian run is making good progress, and I think the changes in version comparison are making it a little bit faster. Lintian still eats a lot of memory, which indicates to me that there's still something less than ideal, but hopefully it will be better.

I've been successfully ignoring work other than keeping up on e-mail and letting other people pick up the problems. I'm hoping that after I get back to Stanford I'll be able to take some time to release new versions of a few software packages before diving back into the project grind. Despite some worries about losing portability, I think I've talked myself into using libtool for building my PAM modules, and I'd like to set up a test suite for pam-krb5 and do a new release of it soon.

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