Vacation haul

I will start posting all of my queued reviews, but I'm not quite caught up enough yet. In the meantime, you will have to make do with the book haul over the course of vacation. I didn't search out as many used book stores this year, so the haul is a bit shorter.

Comments are still disabled just because I'm lazy; I'll get that fixed tomorrow.

Anne Bishop -- Sebastian (sff)
Po Bronson -- What Should I Do with My Life? (non-fiction)
Steven Brust -- Agyar (sff)
Steven Brust -- To Reign in Hell (sff)
Jon Crowley -- Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land (sff)
Joe Clifford Faust -- Ferman's Devils (sff)
James Alan Gardner -- Commitment Hour (sff)
Kenneth Grahame -- The Wind in the Willows (children's)
Henry Kuttner -- The Startling Worlds of Henry Kuttner (sff)
R.A. Lafferty -- Nine Hundred Grandmothers (sff)
Ian R. MacLeod -- The Light Ages (sff)
Naguib Mahfouz -- Midaq Alley (mainstream)
Patricia A. McKillip -- Solstice Wood (sff)
J.D. Salinger -- The Catcher in the Rye (mainstream)
Dan Simmons -- The Crook Factory (thriller)
Dodie Smith -- I Capture the Castle (mainstream)
Charles Stross -- The Hidden Family (sff)
J.R.R. Tolkien -- Unfinished Tales (sff)
George Turner -- Drowning Towers (sff)
Vernor Vinge -- Rainbows End (sff)
James White -- General Practice (sff)
Gene Wolfe -- There Are Doors (sff)

I'm spreading out into more mainstream fiction, since I've been reading quite a lot of that lately and have been making good progress on filling in somewhat embarassing holes in my reading.

I don't have all of the books with me any more; there was no way that I'd be able to carry them home on the train. They're being shipped separately and should be here in a few days.

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