Comments re-enabled

Comments have now been re-enabled, now that I'm back and available to deal with spam again.

Hopefully I can find some time to look at newer, better journal software before too much longer. I'm really getting tired of Movable Type. Serendipity looks like the front-runner, although if it would support comments, ikiwiki seems quite attractive and is what a lot of the Debian folks are now using.

Serendipity supports SQLite and has a Debian package, though, so it's probably the path of least resistance.

Posted: 2006-11-03 13:46 — Why no comments?

What about WordPress?

Posted by Matt at 2006-11-03 23:31

I'm not horribly happy with its security track record; Serendipity looked a bit better. But I'm not positive. It's going to be hard to tell without playing with them, I think.

Posted by eagle at 2006-11-04 08:56

I believe WP 2.0 is going into Debian Stable, and we've committed to giving it security updates for its lifetime. Plus you get Akismet spam protection.

Posted by Matt at 2006-11-04 10:24

Hm, Akismet sounds pretty cool and spam prevention is one of the main things that I want. Thank you; I'll take a closer look at that.

Posted by eagle at 2006-11-04 11:44

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