Back, or mostly

I'm mostly back from vacation, or at least back in the same state. Tomorrow is another travel day, but by tomorrow evening I'll be home, updating my computers, and starting to do work (rather than just reading mail and making sure I know what happened while I was gone).

I have some fairly large number of book reviews to post (I haven't counted recently) and one more to write. Probably not two more for a little while, since I don't think I'll have time to finish my current book on the train tomorrow.

I'm now an official Debian delegate as a member of the Policy team, which means that I need to find some time fairly soon to get started with that and respond to some of our initial strategy discussions, and maybe start doing some bug review. I have a pile of lintian bugs I need to sort through as well.

The NNTP RFCs have finally been published! Of course, that too means more work, this time on INN, but that's going to be quite a bit of fun once I clear some time to do it. I'm working on that by unsubscribing from a bunch of mailing lists.

I have various thoughts about how I'm going to tackle work without immediately returning to the same levels of stress, but I need to work through them and think about them some more. The plan is to start that process tomorrow evening once I'm settled into my own apartment again, and continue it through Friday and the weekend, lining things up for next week. One of the first tasks will be determining my next work goals, determining which activities happen during work hours, and then prioritizing what I'm going to spend non-work hours on (as there are a lot of candidates).

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