Pirate Ferry Spokane

Author: Bill Dickson

Email: wrd@beer.wa.com

Well, ol' Henry Spit, he's th' hardiest man,         
Scourge o' th' lanes o' th' Sound! 
Ship wi' us, boys, I promise, I can,
Th' merriest times ye've e'er found!

So heave ho, me lads, wi' nary a frown,
An' bring what ale ye can,
Prime the cannon an' tie that Acura down,
On th' Pirate Ferry Spokane!

Current Run: July 1993 - Present

Main Characters:

Captain Henry Spit and his merry band of cutthroats have been placed in charge of one of Seattle's two largest ferries, the Jumbo-class Spokane, on the grounds that a pack of drunken pirates can hardly do a worse job than the normal ferry captains. Captain Spit, his parrot, his first mate Gimp, the double-torsoed, four-armed, and two-headed Big Paul, and the rest of the crew ply the commuter lanes between Seattle and Bainbridge Island, seeking high adventure and material for lusty tales of the sea.

The Pirate Ferry Spokane is always humorous, with a strongly implied tip of the hat to the old adventure movies.

This is a very occasional series, written only when Bill is feeling particularly inspired. In fact, to date, there has been only a single episode; more are promised, however.

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