Nun Shall Survive

Author: Gary W. Olson



"There he is!" a voice shouted.

Mighty Guy stood, and looked for the source of the voice.

"Ah!" he commented. "The citizens of Megapolis are massing to thank me for saving the city from the Nun on the Road. And many of them are carrying torches! I hope they won't be offended when I tell them I don't smoke!"

"You did this to us!" a citizen shrieked.

"We have you to thank!" another citizen yelled.

"I accept your gratitude, citizens of Megapolis!" Mighty Guy said, smiling a Mighty Heroic Smile. "Once again, I, Mighty Guy, have save this city from a devastating menace!"

"What are you talking about?" a citizen asked. "This is the first time this city has been faced with a devastating menace! I mean, you were only here for about four episodes before you left!"

"Besides, you didn't save us from anything!" yet another citizen yelled. "Take a look around you!"

"Hey," another citizen hissed. "Why does he have ladies undergarments festooned about his person?"

Mighty Guy looked around him, and observed that the city was either burning or in rubble.

"Perhaps I should work on my restraint a bit," he mused. "At least I saved the Daily Planted building!" He patted the building affectionately.


"I must speak to the building contractor about this," Mighty Guy said, shaking huge chunks of concrete from his hair. "I wonder where the citizens who assembled to thank me went?" He shrugged. "No matter. It seems it is time for me to leave my role as protector of Megapolis, and move on to my new role, as protector of Los Angeles!"

He stepped around the large chunks of concrete that used to be the Daily Planted building, being careful to not step into the pools of blood that were welling out from under them, and took off into the sky, heading westwards.

Episodes: 4 (July-August 1993)

Major Characters:

Mighty Guy returns to Megapolis, following his departure from the Adjusted League Unimpeachable", only to find the city he has sworn to protect is endangered by the embittered Nun on the Road. He saves the city, destroying it in the process, and heads to Los Angeles, where those he works with in his ineffective civilian disguise as Kent Clark have moved.

But thanks to the villainy of FlatPhoot, the Nun and her Continental is transported to Los Angeles. Now, helped by CalForce and hindered by Satan T. Lucifer Jones, it's up to Mighty Guy to do what only Superguy has previously been able to do: stop the Nun!

This limited series is the bridge from Mighty Guy's solo series, which later became the Adjusted League Unimpeachable's team series, to CalForce, of which he is now an important member.

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