Created by: Gary W. Olson



Badass waited, his finger on the trigger of his Kirv assualt rifle, ready to go into action the moment combat resumed. He and his allies had the momentum, and even though Mighty Guy had proven too much for Beowulf, they still stood a very good chance of overwhelming the rest of CalForce.

After five minutes, he took a cigar out of one of his pockets and searched for a match.

"I've got it," Microvax said, lighting the cigarette with a small flame that flickered from his armor-covered right thumb. Badass puffed on the cigarette for a few more minutes.

"Look, can we get on with this?" he asked, finally.

The two to whom the question was directed, Confusion and Chalandra Harkness, didn't offer a direct reply. Instead, they continued as they had for the last several minutes, locked in a tight embrace, with even tighter liplock. Confusion lifted his left heel behind him.

"I've got an idea," HotFlash said. "Marta, you grab Chalandra, I'll grab Manny. On the count of three, we pull..."

"That's, er, not necessary," Confusion said, as he came up for air. "We were just... catching up."

"Did we miss anything?" Chalandra asked.

"Nope," MeltDown said. "We decided to wait for you."

"So are we ready now?" Badass asked, raising his rifle.

"Hang on," Chalandra said. "I've still got cheesecake in my hair."

"Manny, hold still," HotFlash told him. She wiped the lipstick off his lips with a handkerchief.

"Now?" Badass asked.

"Just a minute," Criticalman said, as he looked into a mirror. "I think I've got a hair out of place."

"I think I see it!" Mighty Guy exclaimed. Criticalman winced at the gust of wind Mighty Guy's exclamation and looked in the mirror again.

"Now *two* hairs are out of place," he sighed.

"Hey," Willwarp said, "has the scene started yet?"

"I'm scanning," Microvax said. "Sensors confirmed it has."

"Ah, hell," Confusion responded.

Former Members:

Headquarters: The C Building, a C-shaped building designed and constructed by inebriated alien engineers for the team. The top ten floors were the actual base, the remaining ninety floors are leased out. It was destroyed just prior to the dissolution of the team, as part of their successful attempt to penetrate the Muuuahahahahan base on planet SparselyPopulated II.