Superguy Reference Works

The world of Superguy is a complex one. It has been developed by well over a dozen authors for eight years, with something in the neighborhood of 50 megabytes of material contributing to the world piece by piece. While this gives the authors a very rich background to draw on for stories, and longtime readers a strong sense of familiarity with the setting and characters, it can make coming in late a bit of a daunting experience.

The material in this section is designed to help ease your entry into the world of Superguy. The FAQ explains the ground rules and traditions of Superguy, while the logs contain all the stories ever written.

The Superguy Logs

These archives are created more-or-less automatically by the listserv, and then lovingly touched-up and indexed by Gary Olson.

You may notice that some logs are repeated in different years. Be not afraid. Everything is under control. Some logs straddle the New Year's mark; these are listed in the index for each year, along with the appropriate stories for that year only.

For a more selective view of the logs, the Superguy Autocollector can show you (either as index or as full text) those entries in the logs matching a specific pattern.

Finally, for those of you who would prefer to browse around the FTP site on your own, a link is provided. Enjoy.

The History of Superguy

Gary Olson's definitive history of the Superguy Altiverse, updated annually.

The Superguy FAQ file

Eric Burns' incredibly comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions file for Superguy. HTML format courtesy of Rob Furr.

The Altiversal Listing

Jon Robertson's complete listing of every altiverse listed in the logs. Most have descriptions.

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