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Gina Donoghue - Author Crash

I've decided to make a page exclusively for my Superguy Authorship. If you want to read/visit my home base, I've provided a link there...there's lots of stuff (I'm sure to Eagle's chagrin). :)

D.O.B.: 2/4/80
HEIGHT: Approx. 6"
WEIGHT: Approx. 11 oz.
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Brown
COMP: IBM 486/50, 8.5 GB HD, 9600 bps modem, 16 color, Win 3.1
COMP2: Compaq 486/25 notebook, 14.4 kbps modem, B/W, Win 3.1
SACRED BEVERAGE: Jolt, most likely. And Earl Grey tea.
SERIES: %N, also known as the Bermuda Triangle Brainpack
EMAIL: brainy9@eyrie.org, acrash@nac.net
FAV. BAND: It's a toss-up...Bush, Oasis, or Bored.
FAV. MOVIE: Um...Sneakers, I think.
FAV. TV SHOW: Sliders! Yay!
YEARBOOK CATEGORY: Person most likely to end up living in someone's basement, broke and living off books and ISDN
FAV. DOLL: Raggedy Ann :)

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