Author: Gina Donoghue

Email: brainy9@eyrie.org

	My friends from school and I decided to leave, because it was
boring, we didn't have our homework, and there really wasn't anything
better to do...so I used a combination of my embryonic Authorial powers
and my trusty TI-82 graphinc calculator to Edit up a portal (like in
Sliders!) to the Superguy universe.
	Once we got to 000SUPERGUY, we, um, sort of got split up. Jen
(Dusk) and Mary Anne (Sonic) wound up in a technophobic little town in
Vermont, called Northfield. They summarily decided that the place sucked,
especially if you were trying to hook up with your friends, and tried to
find a way to leave. They found out that Sonic could actually ride sound
waves, so Sonic carried a babbling Dusk all the way to New Jersey on the
strength of Dusk's words alone. ;) Once they got to Newark Airport, they
found an apparent superguy who was all too willing to help them find their
friends...he even bought them bus tickets to Detroit!
	Meanwhile, Ted (Shock) landed feetfirst into a glacial lake in
southern Canada, about five miles outside of Verdun (which, in turn, is
about five miles away from the ruins of New Montreal). When he got out of
the lake, his TI-82 gave him such a shock that he became charged with
electricity - which didn't fry him, but gave him powers akin to the
Ranzzes of the Legion comics. He tried to conquer Montreal, but that
didn't work because it had recently been razed. [See Frobozz's mini
(maxi?) series, Winner Take All, for details.] Finally, he decided to walk
to where his friends were. On the way, he met up with a girl called Turtle
(AKA Nikki), who had superspeed. She showed him on his TI that his friends
were converging in Detroit, which, incidentally, was where she worked. She
offered to take him there...
	Also happening meanwhile, Buddha (whose real nme is Dave but we
never call him that) landed in California, and fell square into a massive
plot. I think it's *the* plot, but I'm still not sure. He was kidnapped by
BIC (the company Turtle works for, and the company that owns the bus line
Dusk and Sonic are utilizing), along with a guy named Fogarty who used to
work for BIC but quit because a) it bored him, and b) he had an attack of
conscience. Buddha was interrogated and konked out again by my evil twin
(actually, my evil altiversal counterpart), who -also- worked for BIC (do
you begin to see a pattern, here?), and Fogarty was interviewed by V, who
was a sort of head-type-guy at BIC. Fogarty refused to rejoin the
organization, and V had him thrown into a detention cell. My evil twin
turned out to be a former associate of Fogarty, and had apparently tried
to escape the organization's clutches at the same time Fogarty had, but
failed...leaving her with a bitter resentment toward him. Fogarty managed
to escape, leaving my evil twin unconscious in -his- cell.
	Uhm...oh. Mike (Spud), Taryn (Empathy), and Stinky (Brian) landed
in Kansas, where by trial and error they found out that Mike was
invincible, and Stinky was a pyrokinetic. Unfortunately, they learned the
latter while trying to see in the dark of a granary, Stinky's matches/fire
being the only source of light. (Ow.) Taryn's empathy/telepathy latched
onto the thoughts of a nearby flying superguy, who gave them a lift
	Okay, and the really confusing one is me. Um. Wait, let me think
about this. Okay. I think I have it. When I entered 000SUPERGUY, I ended
up in the backyard of a psychotic anti-government radical, in South Winds,
Georgia. The weird thing was, there were two of me. And not my evil twin.
That's just something else entirely. There was the Author Me (ACrash), and
the Character Me (CCrash, or Crash). I left pretty quickly, after dropping
dark hints to Crash about an upcoming plot...but Crash had to deal with
the psycho - in her Girl Scout uniform! Yeah, I know it was low, but hey.
These things happen. Call it a lesson in critical thinking. She ended up
okay, but then I lent her to Jesse (the ShadowyWriter!), and I haven't
seen her since. I think she's in Florida somewhere.


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