RatherLarge City

Created by: Dirk Myers

Current Author: Dirk Myers

Email: dirk@efn.org

Founded in the early 1800's, this city has grown from being merely the intersection of two rather desolate trails into the bustling, moderately-sized metropolis we all know and love today.

Few records of the city's original name survive. The city was named RatherLarge during the tenure of Mayor L. J. Bigshot during the 1930's. Mayor Bigshot, born L. J. Funkelhausen, espoused a rather strict early form of logical positivism which held that things should be named exactly what they are. As an adjunct to the name change, Mayor Bigshot hired a small army of clerks and forgers to convert all existing documents to the name RatherLarge City. Historians are divided on the question of the original name. A minority espouses the view that the city was originally known as "Whistlefat", which they allege refers to a warning system developed by early settlers consisting of thin reeds suspended in congealed pig fat. A strong majority, however, insists that RatherLarge was originally named "Crosston", in reference to the intersection of the two trails (as well as an early example of the philosophy of naming which reached its fullest expression in Mayor Bigshot).

The Author tends to prefer "Whistlefat", but has no plans to elaborate further on the history of RatherLarge, so it really doesn't matter.

RatherLarge City is the site of the Mediocre Adventures of Manman. Although it is not a closed city in the sense that Bob is, the nature of the series that takes place in RatherLarge indicates that a wise Author hoping to use RatherLarge will ask before expecting, for example, that gravity is functioning normally within RatherLarge at any given time.

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