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02 An unprecedented meteor shower heralds the arrival of the Rechargers. Marcus Myers, Sam Lyons, Dan Thomas, Ryan Moore and Kelly Tanaka are among the few who encounter them that night. Other Rechargers lay in wait for potential Patrollers. (Sculptress 01)
06-07 Constellation makes his first visit to the Patrol Universe, discussing the Patrol Code with a Recharger and also subtly altering the laws of nature. This leads to numerous later malfunctions of Rechargers. The Recharger he talked to is shortly found by Sarah Graham (Rider). (Constellation 10)
08 Marcus Myers continues to act alone, thinking he's the only Patroller on Earth. (Beginnings)
10 Kelly Tanaka works on her Gauntlet-based sculpting. (Sculptress 01)
16 Lyons and Thomas discover that each other is a Patroller, and elect to team up. (Machine 01)
24 Katrina Myers has a discussion with her husband's Recharger (Beginnings)
01 Sam Lyons and Dan Thomas have their brief careers cut short by injury and Dan's loss of his Gauntlet from violating the Code. (Machine 01)
16 Simon Karlson encounters a Gauntlet, but rejects the Patrol Code. The Gauntlet goes to Nicki Rush, aka Astra. (Machine 01)
23 Doctor Richard Wier, fearing from various recent death threats, eagerly comes under Karlson's auspices. (Machine 01)
26 Karlson has Sam and Dan transferred to a private hospital after formulating his idea for the Machine. (Machine 01)
31 Nicki Rush begins her career as Astra, the World's Strongest Woman. (Machine 01)
09 Dan and Sam finally meet their mysterious benefactor, and Wier gets the opportunity to study Sam's Recharger. (Machine 01)
15-16 Astra's Recharger defect shows itself, destroying her body and leaving her an energy shell. She snaps at this and goes on a rampage through downtown Chicago. Sam Lyons stops Astra's rampage and brings her to Karlson's ranch in Montana. (Machine 01)
18 Kelly Lynn Tanaka makes her first venture out on patrol, subduing a few attempted felons. She discovers the limited nature of Gauntlet constructs. (Sculptress 01)
21 Mitsuko Hasegawa finds his Recharger after nearly dying at his brother Sekino's hand. (Aventine 04)
24 Kelly's first showing of Gauntlet construct art. (Sculptress 01)
30 Sam Lyons (Cosmic Defender), Dan Thomas (Greymask), Simon Karlson (Captain Justice) and Astra (who doesn't reveal her original name) agree to form the Machine, and Wier gets to work on the Machine's powersuits. (Machine 01) The Emissaries begin laying the plans for the spidered Gauntlets and the Umbras. (Jezebel 01)
01 Kelly Tanaka encounters Sullivan Green, a rogue Patroller with an ethically-damaged Recharger. (Sculptress 02)
02-03 Kelly Tanaka apprehends Green and his Recharger at the bank. (Sculptress 03)
10 The Machine goes into action in Denver, declaring war on street crime.
24 Andrew Taylor begins using his Gauntlet to create the hero Avenger in Athol, Massachussets. (Avenger 01)
30 Patroller Brian Janssen arrives in Denver intent on finding Dr. Wier. (Machine 01)
31 Janssen confronts Karlson, then Wier. The broadcast power jammer is introduced, and shown able to block power to the Gauntlet. The Machine blows up a large organized ambush, causing several deaths. The first Emissary appears. (Machine 02)
05 The Emissary arranges things with the surviving Denver gangs to take on the Machine. Sam Lyons tries to cover for his absence to his girlfriend Jenny Dreiser. Brian Janssen returns to Russia to examine more records in hopes of finding proof of Wier's alleged war crimes. (Machine 03)
08 The Machine finds there's some extra-terrestrial Enemy out there which is aware of the weaknesses of the Patrol when Greymask and Cosmic Defender face some of the gang members the Emissary equipped. Janssen discovers horrible secret in his file search. (Machine 04) Patroller Moore encounters gang members wearing Emissary pain collars. (Guardian 01)
09-10 Ryan Moore is contacted by Kel Etrice of the Skyy. (Guardian 03) Sam Lyons visits one of Tanaka's art shows, then helps fight the wildfires in Southern California at that time. Jenny Dreiser and Ted Gerhardt (Dan Thomas's lover) are abducted. (Machine05)
11 An Emissary sends a challenge to the Machine. Astra and Greymask come to blows when she finds out he's homosexual and reacts badly to it. (Machine 05)
12 The Machine walks into the Emissary's trap, a combination of an advanced Jammer and psychic assault. Sam finds the strength to defeat the Emissary from some racial memory of the Round Table, or inspiration from it. (Machine 05) Ryan Moore resigns from the Patrol to take up the PDM of the Guardians. (Guardian 07)
13 Dreiser and Gerhardt are taken back to the Machine base in Montana for protection. Cyberfist starts his work on stealing the designs for the Machine technology. (Machine 06) New Guardian Ryan Moore meets new Patroller Matriarch. (Guardian 11)
15 Cyberfist breaks into Karlmax' California branch and steals the designs, selling them to Magnum Inc. Astra discovers she may be able to change her form. (Machine 06)
16 Moridosi, the Dark Patroller, publicly duels with Guardian over Kansas City. (Guardian 13) The Solar Flare Crusader television show debuts on Hong Kong television.
17 Karlmax announces the patents on Broadcast Power and Force Field technology before Magnum can beat them to it. The Broadcast Power Regulation Act is introduced by a Congressman friendly to Karlson. Also, Janssen discovers the hyperdense Russian peasant survivor of postwar experiments and is driven off by injuries when he refuses to help the man kill himself. (Machine 06; ref. Guardian 14)
18-19 Dan and Ted discuss all the ramifications of letting the Djinn of broadcast power out of the bottle. Meanwhile, George Mounts, head of Magnum Inc, has removed the Russian peasant before Janssen can return. The peasant is dubbed Aster. (Machine 07)
20-22 Moore is formally inducted into Skyy's Guardian Corps. (Guardian 16) Janssen cuts off pursuit of Aster to work on tensions back home in Israel resulting from the Peace accord. Karlson works on PR. Ichiro Shigemitsu allies himself with Mitsuko Hasegawa (Aventine 04). The CNN program PatrolWatch debuts.
23 Ted tries to convince Karlson to let him join the Machine, but fails at first. Then Karlson gets an idea to use Ted to distract attention from the Machine, and begins setting the Beacon project in motion.
24 Astra works on trying to change shape, with limited success. Nyla Shapire discovers her Recharger (Aventine 01).
25 Thanksgiving. Guardian and Matriarch team up to clean up the damage in Kansas City from the recent Guardian-Moridosi fight. (Guardian 17) Tensions between Astra and Dan lessen. Ted reveals the circumstances of his becoming Beacon.
29 Beacon introduced to the press, but is immediately attacked by Aster, who's trying to kill Karlson. (Machine 08). Beacon is defeated by Aster, who is then defeated by Astra when she destroys his antigrav belt and causes him to sink into the ground. She then gives a speech to the press. Constellation arrives in Chicago. Brian Janssen's Patroller identity is discovered by the Shin Bet, and he flees rather than work directly for the government.
30 Nyla Shapire goes on her first mission as a Patroller. (Aventine 01)
01 Efforts to retrieve Aster fail, as he has intentionally sunk all the way to the Mantle (molten earth) in an attempt at suicide, rather than survive another eternal burial. Janssen decides to flee to America, in hopes of shaking government agents long enough to come up with a plan. (Machine 09)
Early Janssen stays with friends near Cleveland. Constellation wanders about in Cincinnati, and is disheartened by the Klan cross there and the public reaction to it. (Machine 09) Guardian is contacted by the Skyy, and elects to surrender his Recharger and Gauntlet for the Passion Device Matrix, power unit of an alien race's equivalent of the Patrol. (Guardian)
09 Nyla Shapire is shot by an obsessed admirer. She panics and severely injures her assailant by accident (Aventine 02).
11-15 Nyla Shapire sends a message to Solar Flare via Recharger She meets Mitsuko Hasegawa. She agrees to make a guest appearance on Solar Flare Crusader (Aventine 03).
17 Nyla Shapire flies to Hong Kong as Mitsuko Hasegawa's guest. Her Recharger creates the Polly construct to communicate. Mitsuko's mentor Ichiro Shigemitsu makes it clear that her presence is unwelcome. (Aventine 04).
18 Nyla Shaprire and Mitsuko Hasegawa break up a yakuza drug shipment while being filmed. Nyla creates a separate uniform for this encounter. Mitsuko explains his yakuza connections to Nyla (Aventine 04).
24 Ted (as Beacon) helps out at a soup kitchen. Meanwhile in Cleveland, Janssen has decided to bus out to Montana and ask Karlson for help in getting the Mossad off his back. On the way to the bus station, he sees Constellation (but fails to catch him) and is led by Constellation's starry form to an alleyway where an unwed couple is being mugged. He saves them and gets the woman to a clinic where she gives birth. (Machine 10).
26 The Zando enters Earth's atmosphere.
27 Magnum's secret Project: Ironheart comes to the end of stage one, and he is shown the results of it. Several superhuman beings based on Aster's powers have been created, and will eventually be known as Magnum Force.
Early The Zando wreaks havoc and destruction across the country as it heads West. Sam, Ted and Simon realize that Dan's moodiness may be caused by his former Recharger. Janssen arrives in Montana and cuts a deal with Karlson. He'll form a group of Patrollers and keep them off the Machine's back in exchange for Karlson keeping the government off the backs of those Patrollers. (Machine 10). Constellation moves about the country. (Constellation 18)
17 The Quake. Augmented by a device planted by the Zando, the Northridge quake is 9.3 on the Richter Scale. Los Angeles is leveled. (Machine 11). Patrollers from all over rush to help the Quake victims.
18 Sam confronts his Recharger about the mental twisting done to Dan, and gets an uncertain answer. Nila Shapiro goes to Los Angeles to help in the effort, and to try and find her Father, who was in LA at the time. (Aventine 06) Patroller Chuck Leland is killed by the Zando. Constellation traces a slight warp trail (left by the Zando) and discovers the Quake was helped. He then is mistaken for an Emissary by Greymask, and is forced to defeat Greymask. Cosmic Defender arrives and does not fight Constellation. (Machine 12)
19 Constellation talks to Astra and learns her real name. Wier studies Constellation intensely. (Constellation 19) Nyla Shapire is ambushed by Sylvester Grier, observed by an Emissary, and loses her Gauntlet. (Aventine 06)
23 Congress pushes through the long-stalled Broadcast Power Act to help Karlmax in the rescue effort. Estimated nearly 10 million killed by the Quake. Most of Los Angeles is a total loss, and the surrounding area isn't much better off.
03 Janssen recruits Avenger, now living in Columbus, Ohio, for his Patroller group.
14 Valentine's Day. Sam proposes to Jenny (who is acting as Beacon) off-panel. (Machine 12)
16 Wier discovers Constellation's link to the Recharger malfunctions. Constellation's reality-warping power is upsetting the delicate physical laws the Gauntlets work on. Although he arrived too late to have affected Dan directly, it is possible his power sent ripples through time as well as space to affect Dan's Recharger. Astra forgives Constellation for his part in her fate, and seems to have developed a crush on him. (Constellation 19)
17-19 Constellation leaves the Patrol Universe, but not before giving Sam a cryptic message about possibly being the reincarnation of King Arthur. (Machine 13)
19 Dan demands an answer from Karlson on why the Machine has yet to feel any Federal interference. He gets a partial one, that Karlson supplies the FBI/CIA/NSA/ETC with countermeasure technology like jammers before releasing it on the market. (Machine 13)
25 While recruiting Sarah Graham in Southeastern Wisconsin, Janssen is alerted to the mosque massacre in Hebron. Sarah (Rider) accompanies him to Israel to help try and lessen the impact of the riots. (Machine 13)
26 Janssen (with his new codename Maverick) and Rider arrive in Israel and do what they can. Magnum Inc. unveils their newest project, Magnum Force (formerly Project: Ironheart) and announces they are cooperating with state and local authorities to hunt down the Machine and bring them to justice. (Machine 13)
01 Magnum Force attacks the Machine at a location set up by the Machine (in flashback to Feb. 27) and is lured into a multi-layer trap. They are not only defeated in combat but also discredited legally. Astra partially absorbs the Magnum Force shapeshifter Protus and seems to gain mass. (Machine 14)
04 Astra confirms her added mass is stable, and discovers she can fly under hew own power and more freely change form. (Machine 15)
06 Karlson and Weir make plans to track down the Zando, which has killed four Patrollers to date. (Machine 15)
14-17 A hurled firebomb gets past Maverick's defenses and injures him in the left eye while he and Rider are dealing with more unrest in the West Bank. (Machine 16)
17 Karlson tells the rest of the Machine his intent to retire as Captain Justice, but stays on for at least a few days after. Sam Lyons changes his costumed ID from Cosmic Defender to Pendragon. (Machine 15)
21 Patroller Kelly Naehring is attacked by the Zando while on Spring Break in Daytona, but is saved by the intervention of the Machine. The Zando is destroyed when Captain Justice's jammer-equipped shield is thrown into its body while it is desolid. Nothing remains of the Zando for study. (Machine 15)
28 Pendragon (the renamed Cosmic Defender) and Greymask capture Sullivan Green, who had escaped from prison again. (Machine 16)
29 While in a private hospice paid for by Karlson, Kelly Naehring is approached by Brian Janssen and Sarah Graham about joining the Terra Patrol. (Machine 16). Jessica Cochran argues with her Patroller husband Darren about the relative importance of the Patrol. (Jezebel 01)
31 Cochran unwittingly sabotages her husband's Gauntlet with Emissary-provided technology, resulting in his death. (Jezebel 01) A copy of his personality is imprinted in the Emissary 'spider' attached to the now-compromised Gauntlet. Jessie flees murder charges. Patroller Eric Summers is dispatched to find and assist her. (Jezebel 02) After a chase, the Gauntlet-Darren helps Eric defeat the Emissary. Jessie escapes in the confusion. (Jezebel 03)
03 The Machine foils an assassination attempt on President Clinton and several major members of Congress. Evidence later shows it to have been the result of a major conspiracy using advanced technology (supplied by the Enemy, although this is not known at this date). Magnum Inc. not implicated (but secretly involved). (Machine 16)
04 The President pardons the Machine for all past vigilante acts and announces plans to make all Patrollers deputies of the U.S. Marshall system. Kelly Naehring joins the Terra Patrol. To help against future terrorist acts, Clinton and other public officials begin wearing force field belts powered by Broadcast Power. (Machine 16)
16 Jennifer Dreiser (Beacon) and Samuel Lyons (Pendragon) marry. (Machine 16)
17 Ted Gerhardt (Beacon) and Dan Thomas (Greymask) leave for an extended vacation to try and help Dan get over the mental damage he suffered when his Recharger self-destructed. They plan to travel Europe by bicycle. (Machine 16)
21 Doctor Richard M. Wier dies in his sleep. (Machine 16)
25 Brian Janssen visits Wier's grave with copies of the evidence clearing Wier of war crimes in WWII. (Machine 16)
06 Gene Hewlitt, a Patroller Reporter, is given secret materials on PRIME, then killed by a rogue PRIME squad. Eric Summers is assigned to investigate. Hewlitt's Recharger accepts Hewlitt's son as its new Patroller. (Paladin 01)
07 Eric Summers begins training Joseph Hewlitt in the use of his Gauntlet. An attempt by the Chess Club to kidnap Jessica Cochran is foiled when PRIME reaches her first (Paladin 02)
08 Summers investigates Hewlitt's murder. PRIME LtCDR Yao defeats Eric, crippling him. (Paladin 03)
middle Patroller Diana Halpern is contacted by the co-deputy leader of Terra Patrol, Fyodor Tisharnovolk. (ref. Cruxadier 08)
10 Eric Summers awakens in rehab. Jessica Cochran perfects version 7 of her AI program Ganymede. The Patroller Ranger takes up the Recharger once belonging to Summers. (Paladin 04) Cochran and Stillwell give Eric prototype PALADIN armor and help him escape PRIME. (Paladin 05)
20 Thomas Willrew finds his Recharger in the woods on Wolf's Head Island, RI (Cruxadier 01)
21 Thomas Willrew reveals his status as a Patroller (but not his Recharger malfunction) to his ex-wife
02-07 Eric Summers, with his ward Joseph Hewlitt, spends the holiday weekend in Boston with his brother. (Paladin 06)
06 Bryson Killaran aka Cuchulainn inducted into Terra Patrol. (Cruxadier 02)
07 The Hyperion Unit attacks Thomas Willrew while he attempts to stop an armored car heist. (Cruxadier 03)
08-14 The Crazywave. Several strange crimes happen in Boston. An Emissary using Ultrasonic Vibrations begins his plan to destroy Thomas Willrew. Cruxadier stops an Emissary-created Riot. A Janissary, Kaltion, arrives on Earth to destroy Emissaries. The Emissary kills Willrew's ex-wife. (Cruxadier 04)
15 Emissary is destroyed by Willrew. Willrew begins his descent into insanity. In Kansas, Patrollers Fyodor Tisharnovolk and Bryson Killaran defeat Hyperion in combat. (Cruxadier 05)
Late Hyperion kills a married pair of Patrollers, and is driven off by a third Patroller and Kaltion. (Cruxadier 06?)
09 Patroller Proslaus Selpat Rajhar and the ship he is protecting come under attack by a force of the Zendo. Patroller Proslaus is killed, and his charge and enemies, encased in Patrol fields, crash land on Earth. (ref. Renegade 01)
10 Grier of PRIME attacks Willrew. Willrew is defeated by the Chess Club and taken away to Area 51. Patrollers Halpern and Fyodor meet with Karlson concerning release of BPT and possible anti-Patrol uses of same. Hyperion attacks Astra. (Cruxadier 07) Pendragon, Astra and Halpern fight Hyperion. Fyodor is killed by Hyperion. Kaltion shows up and 'destroys' Hyperion again. Janissary Darthe arrives on Earth.
14 Willrew's Recharger helps him break free from the Chess Club. Willrew absently destroys the Area 51 complex. Willrew takes Massachusetts Metropolitan University as his palace. His Recharger severs communications with all other Rechargers. Bryson and Herne are sent to deal with Willrew. Willrew fights them, killing Herne. Kaltion joins in, is wounded, and Bryson takes up his helmet. Willrew creates a Recharger-based dome over the city of Boston, sealing the city away from the world. (Cruxadier 08)
15 Paladin is charged by the President to go to Boston and find the reason for the mysterious dome sealing the city away from the world. (Paladin 06)
16 Emissaries use the sonic controls they used on Willrew to cause a riot at the Boston Dome. (Strange Bedfellows 01)
18 Jamie Kinnison finds an alien Recharger and battles a rogue qthono. (Renegade 01-06).


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