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MA=Machine AV=Aventine SC=Sculptress PA=Paladin JZ=Jezebel
BG=Beginnings CX=Cruxadier CS=Constellation
RD=Renegade TP=Terra Patrol PR=P.R.I.M.E.

One hundred and fourteen Rechargers were dropped on course for Earth. Twelve of these Rechargers failed their own Power-On Self-Test routines on reemergence into normal space, and self-destructed. One hundred and two Rechargers landed on Earth. Because of the approach vector and time of day, twenty-one Rechargers landed in various places on the Asian landmass. Fifty-seven Rechargers landed on the North American landmass. The remaining twenty-four Rechargers skipped over the Atlantic ocean and landed on Great Britain and Europe; the farthest-reaching Rechargers made it to the Ukraine and western Russia.

It is known that several Rechargers have been tainted by technology from the Emissaries. It is also known that several Rechargers simply failed to diagnose their own problems and self-repair or self-destruct.

Current Patrollers

Name Alias (if any) 1st App. Most Recent App.
Sam Lyons Cosmic Defender MA01 SB02
Nikki Rush Astra MA01 SB02
Mitsuko Hasegawa Solar Flare AV03 AV08
Keith Corvair Corsair  AV06 RD07
Beth Pollard   AV06 AV06
Martin Hears-the-Wind   AV06 RD07
Nemesis (?) (Patroller-in-black) AV06  
(?) Ranger PA04 RD07
Joey Hewlitt   PA01 PA06
Kelly Tanaka Sculptress SC01 MA05
Marcus Meyers Keeper BG RD07
Sarah Graham Rider CS10 SB02
Brian Jannsen Maverick MA01 TP01
Andrew Taylor Avenger MA10? SB02
Kelly Naehring   MA15 SB02
Diana Halpern   CX07 SB02
Jamie Kinnison Renegade RD01 RD07
Maria Morales Toci RD03 RD07
Tammy Whitley Matriarch GD07 SB02
Patricia Clark Imaga SB02 SB02
  Vargas SCPL SCPL
  Mach Racer SB02 SB02
  Skidamaree SB02 SB02

Former Patroller

Name Alias First App. Reason for Status Most Recent App.
Dan Thomas Greymask MA01 Violation of Code MA16
Eric Summers Paladin JZ01 Failure to maintain contact RD07
Darren Cochran   JZ01 Killed by Emissaries SB02
Nyla Shapiro Aventine AV01 Failure to maintain contact SB03
Gene Hewlitt   PA01 Killed by PRIME PA01
unnamed   PA01 Killed by PRIME PA01
unnamed   PA01 Killed by PRIME PA01
Ryan Moore Guardian GD01 surrendered Gauntlet for SkyyTech SB02
Chuck Leland   MA12 killed by Zando MA12
Bryson Killaran Setanta CX02 Violation of Code TP01
Herne Baggis   CX02 Killed by Willrew SB02
Fyodor Tisharnovolk   CX01 Killed by Hyperion CX07
  Hammerhand CX07 Killed by Hyperion CX07
  Mirrera CX07 Killed by Hyperion CX07

Compromised Patrollers

Name Alias Iss. Most Recent App.
Hasegawa Sekino Winter's Blade AV04 AV08
Sullivan Green Rogue SC02 SC02
Thomas Willrew Cruxadier CX01 SB02

Unusual Situations

Name Situation Issue Most Recent App.
Jessica Cochran Possesses her deceased husband's Gauntlet, maintained by an Emissary 'spider' JZ01 SB02

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