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  Da Badger!
  Matthew Andrew William Thomas Rossi III
Omega Universe, Tempest, Pulse
Matt Rossi was born December 7th, 1971. He isn't dead yet. He has written Pulse, Tempest, Battery and co-written Invasions for Omega, and is currently co-writing Scions with Matthew Dempster. He is one of the founders of the Omega Writers Group, a native of Prudence Island, Rhode Island, and currently resides wherever the wind takes him. He's six foot one, 265 lbs, bearded, and likes the poetry of T.S. Eliot and Hart Crane, the fiction of Thomas "Look Homeward Angel" Wolfe, Julian May, Thom Jones and Larry Niven, and the music of White Zombie, Gustav Holst, and Warren "Pete Milan likes me more" Zevon. He drinks cheap Vodka and MacAllen Scotch, refuses to stop reading comic books even though everyone thinks he's got to grow out of it sooner or later, and has loved three women and lost them all. He hopes to love at least one more. He earned his BFA in Creative Writing in 1996 at Roger Williams College. He has no desire to be more than he is, but he would like to be better at what he does. If he died tomorrow, he'd have a hard time finishing any of the six stories he's currently working on. He finds it really odd to write about himself in the third person, and he's pretty much out of anything interesting to say. His favorite story of his own for Omega to date was INVASIONS, with Tempest Annual #2, "Time's Hammer" a close second. His favorite Omega story he didn't write was either EPITAPHS or the Voyeur TRIAGE arc.

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