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So what is Omega anyway?

In the words of the universe's initiator:

Good question. Omega is a shared universe created on-line by the writers in the Omega Writer's Group. The basic premise for the universe is that all super powers are explainable by psionic powers. From there, we've built a world where some Omegas, people with psi powers, are virtual gods while others can make flowers change color. Some want to change the world, some can't even change their pants. We have honest to God villains, like the late, lamented Jarvin Tazakles, and we have reluctant heroes, like Anne Benson. The Seekers are the US Government's response to the Omega, and Stormkiller seeks to develop the means to kill the most powerful of them, who happens to be an eighteen year old just reaching his adulthood. Some wear masks and call themselves by code-names, others find the concept ridiculous. Omega started out as an attempt to write more 'serious' stories. I don't know what we became. You tell me.

Omega is special to me, and I hope to explain why in a little detail here. Don't worry...I'll try not to bore the living shit out of you. I might end up doing so, but it was unintentional. Omega was the first independent universe to come out of the wake of the rec.arts.comics.creative vote. Basically, after the vote passed and the group was formed, I posted, almost as an afterthought, that I'd like to try and start a universe where I could write my more serious comic-book inspired stories. Apparently this was a timely posting. Within a day, I was swamped with mail from all sorts of people. I think I ended up with thirty-five responses. Most of them found out that there's a reason Marie Antoon refers to me as "Hyper-Kinetic" and walked away. A few intrepid souls decided that they could put up with my insanity, and we formed the Omega Writers Group. Three years, more than ten series and several massive crossovers later, we are still here. I blame our society and its crippling phobia about drug use, myself.

  We're the Knights of the Omega Table
We angst because we're able!
We fight and laugh and jump and play
Because Owen's around and demonically
Plotting our demise!

We've got Covenant to wisecrack and
Legacy being relevant to beat the band!
Tempest likes to brood and pout,
But not when Rene Johnson's about!

--Matt "Badger" Rossi

Web Authors so far:
Matt "Badger" Rossi Chad Imbrogno
Jeff McCoskey Peter Milan
Marc Singer
Davey Jones

We're in the bottom 95% of all Web Sites!

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