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The Omega Universe
created by Matthew Andrew William Thomas "Badger" Rossi III

The Colony: Survivors of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the human race, young Omegas banded together for mutual defense, led by Danny Anderson in his goal of wreaking revenge on the Dynamax Corporation and its clandestine butchery. PULSE is about family secrets, people trying to survive, and the excesses people resort to when their backs are to the wall. It's about finding a family when you lose the one you were born to, about the choice between justice and vengeance, about love in the middle of hell, and did I mention the six armed silver robot or the Kulaks? Well, they're in there too. And it features the villainy of Jarvin Tazakles, possibly the most despicable bastard in Omega history.
#1 Homeland
#2 Dangerous Times
#3 Pulse 3
#4 Pulse 4
#5 Naked in the Cold Sun

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