NAME: Sufferyng

ALTER EGO: Geoffrey

ALIASES: Redemption

CREATED BY: Jef Kolodriej


POWERS: Hiding behind absurdly small objects; generic scientific genius.

PERSONALITY: Kind hearted, disposed to brooding, indecisive, easily led, weak willed, pettily vindictive. While not malevolent per se, Sufferyng has in the past found it easier to follow the directions of others than to stand by his principles.

HISTORY: Sufferyng is, along with Mr. Minister, one of two sons of Rebel Yell and Lurking Lass (not ) from an alt.ernate future. He first came to the LNH's attention during the Electrocutioner's Song, when he worked for Acton Lord on creating a Transmode Virus to destabilise Sig.Lad. In fact the Virus was just a front. Later he was kidnapped away from Acton Lord by Mr. Minister for the latter's grand plan of revenge against his family. When Mr. Minister's plan was thwarted, Mr. Minister and Sufferyng were believed killed in a mishap that merged them together. In actuality this death was faked by the use of Mr. Minister's PMD (Paper Mache Decoy) technology. Geoffrey has recently been recruited by Artemis, and old acquaintance and former lover, to help prevent a future destruction of humanity in another timeline. To do so he adopted the net.hero codename Redemption and travelled with her back to the present, and has joined the LNH on a trial membership. Irony Man is still wondering what's setting his powers off this time.

APPEARANCE: (As Sufferyng) Black armour with lots of nasty sharp blades and spikes, plus bits of toilet paper where he cut himself getting the armour on. (As Redemption) Blue and white spandex costume with a blue cape.

STATUS: Associate of Artemis, former member of the LNH Brats. (As Sufferyng) Arch-enemy wannabe of the LNH. (As Redemption) Provisional member of the LNH



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